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Do you have the "friend" who no matter the occasion,finds a way to ruin everyones fun?

Asked by TominLasVegas (1229points) December 23rd, 2009

I’m asking because tonight I’m going to a Christmas party and this “friend” Carl will be there.He’s a nice guy until he gets some booze in his system.Then he turns into a loud obnoxious drunk who always ends up groping a woman and getting in trouble or getting into a fight. Hes a good friend of the host of the party and I do want to go but I know the night will end up in an uncomfortable situation.Do you all have anyone similar in your circle?

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No, but would you like to be my friend?

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@Fluthermucker Sure why not?Got any booze?

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A Debbie Downer? That would be my bro.

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Yes! I have this one friend (my best friend)...who gets mad when she’s in my other group of friends just because we keep on swearing and calling eachother names for fun.
But she’s cool though. I also have his irritating guy friend who acts like he’s all that and ruins everbody’s jokes by correcting everybody’s grammar or making us look like we’re stupid like he’s some kind of perfectionist :P

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Well, one of my closest friends has a friend who likes to make drama out of everything. We’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that she’s actually 12 years old and still in 7th grade.

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I’m very selective about friends, especially those I invite into my home. Now family’s a whole other thing! Most of my relatives are wrong most of the time, and many of them are proud of it.

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I AM that guy!!

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@TominLasVegas It’s in the fridge next to the pickles…no, no…behind the dildos. There you got it.

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Does that enhance the sensation?Keeping them in the fridge?

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@TominLasVegas I couldn’t tell you, but my neighbor’s collective sure seems to respond to it.

EDIT: And by collective, I mean Rottweiler.

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yeah and his name is BERNARD
I don’t even want to talk about this man.

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@PretentiousArtist How could you possibly know that my neighbor’s Rottweiler is named Bernard…that is UNCANNY.

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YESSS… ugh, she sucks. we went to see dave matthews, i brought her with me (and she didn’t really know any of my other friends) and we were all having a good time, and i guess she wasn’t getting attention & decided to be “sooo sick” and lay down on the grass where we were partying. and shes alwayssss miserable when we go out, so strange. .. i just don’t get it.

as a side note, things are only awkward if you make them that way… so just try to keep an open mind, or put him in his place. if you know this going into it, think about how you can react to make it not ruin your night

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No, thank goodness my friends are great fun.

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No, I don’t have one of those friends. I would not be able to tolerate someone like that.

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Yeah, its

But I always make it seem its cool.

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