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How was the partying in your high school?

Asked by JLeslie (65558points) October 7th, 2018 from iPhone

I finally read Julie Swetnick’s statement in full, and it rings true for what I know about the parties in Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg. She lived walking distance from me, a few years ahead of me in school.

I only went to one party for any length of time, about 40 minutes. I went to another, but stayed outside while the person driving me there talked to someone, and then we left. I vaguely remember driving by another house party. I hated that environment. I went dancing in DC instead.

I’ve talked to some of my high school friends, some of whom did go to many more parties, and we all agree the parties were crazy. I talked to a friend of mine who lived down county, and she didn’t go to very many parties, but remembers the prep boys being at some of them.

I know people who lived in Maryland and other states during high school years, and they say Montgomery County was way more out of control. I also know people who lived in other states who were around a lot of alcohol like us. It seems to vary around the country.

There was grain alcohol in the punch, but I always knew that so I didn’t consider it spiking, girls had warned me you don’t taste it so you can winding up drinking too much. I always knew never to drink from a glass again once I left it unattended, but I thought about that related to bars, I guess that might have been true for the parties too.

I ask this question, because a lot of people seem to think Julie’s statement is an outrageous account, and to me, it doesn’t sound outrageous at all having grown up where she grew up and I went to her high school.

Auggie went there also, too bad she isn’t here.

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Righteous, man, righteous…

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No partys. Only prom.

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I was not aware of any parties.

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There were two or three of us that would “crash” teachers parties at local parks. They were okay with it I guess.
One of the teachers had us tune and do maintenance on her ski boat. She would fill the tank with fuel and tow it to a water skiing area, cooler usually had a few cold beers. We would ski all afternoon.
She remembers me for getting in the drivers seat of an idling school bus and moving fifty down the bus turn around, so the driver couldn’t see it (blocked by the Music wing) when they came back out from the main office.
We went to parties thrown by kids while their parents were out of town, I’d answer the door when the doorbell rang; I weighted 225 lbs, behind me was a guy that weighted 275 and behind him was “Tiny” at 305. We didn’t have any uninvited guests.

That was 55 years ago.

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I partied a lot in high school, mainly the last two years (so 2007–2009). I don’t remember anything ever being too insane. I mean, there was a lot of drinking, there was weed, dancing, making out, there were a lot of themed parties…I don’t remember any assault or hard drugs. At least not at the parties I went to and not that I was ever made aware of. That was during the heyday of teenage Facebook usage, so pictures from the parties would be posted on Facebook the next day. Lots of photos of teenage me at parties, obviously drunk.

My experience could also be milder than many because I was a late bloomer, didn’t have sex until college, wasn’t particularly interested in “getting laid” back then. I went to parties because I liked being drunk and hanging out with friends. I wasn’t there to do anything sexual, so I was somewhat isolated from that aspect of it. But still, I heard a lot of dirt about things that happened during high school, and I don’t remember anything about assault or rape occurring.

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We partied a lot. Mostly snuck alcohol, maybe tried things in college but not in hs. Lots of guy friends but not much couple dates, like one on one. House parties were always sketchy, we stayed outside usually.

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Not too many big parties like that. Some drama club cast parties that were relatively tame. I remember a few beery kisses but I was kind of in the nerd crowd.

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We dodged cows n stuff.

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I hated high school with a passion, never went to any party or dance,didn’t participate in any school sports,the only thing I wanted to do in those days was dirt bike day and night, I lived on that thing could explore bush roads for days ,scream up a mountain trail.

I didn’t get my party hat till my early twenties, and then started chasing girls and dancing.

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There were some parties, maybe one big one each month. Alcohol was pretty well limited to beer, malt liquor, and Boone’s Farm. Rarely some hard stuff that was passed around.

Weed use was not frequent, and not a party drug, more for getting high with a couple friends.

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I hung out with stoners. There was some drinking, more by others than by me. I preferred weed because it didn’t make me have to pee.
There was some making out sometimes, but mostly not, and always consensual. We did stuff like play cards, and glow in the dark Frisbee. The Frisbee was mine. I loved bringing it to parties, because it picked out the lightweights. We would sit along the walls in the dark. The Frisbee would glow and streak across the room. After a few throws, there would be a thwack, then a groan as you see it hit the floor. Everybody would laugh that slow, deep, stoned laugh at whoever got hit in the face.
Once I started the joint kiss. We sat in a circle boy girl boy girl. Someone would toke, pass the joint to the right, and the smoke to the person on their left, meaning exhale into their mouth as they inhale. The room didn’t get cloudy at all. None of the smoke was wasted. Nobody got carried away, there was lots of giggling as some were less coordinated than others. Nobody got jealous. Everybody there was friends, we knew each other well enough to trust that nothing would get out of control. No orgy resulted. There was about a dozen of us, maybe more.
I went to two fraternity parties. The first one was so drunk and stupid, it would have been the last for me, but about a year later a friend wanted to go to one she was invited to. I couldn’t talk her out of it, so I went with her, because I knew it would be more than she was ready for.
There was a keg in the basement, music and dancing everywhere. Beer was an inch deep on the cement floor. Some drunk frat boy grabbed my friend by the wrist and announced they were going upstairs. She tried to pull free, and fell. He was dragging her across this beer submerged floor. I grabbed a guy I knew was still fairly sober. I had a class with him, and we were talking. I told him to get the guy off my friend, or there would be a bunch of cops at their party.
I took my friend home sobbing about her ruined clothes.

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Some partying at school, but on the weekends you might get a house party somewhere. Typically not out of control, just music, beer, pot…the standard fare.

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I think I saw you there Patty!

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Which one?

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Oh maaan. That one where Jessie tried to drive his truck across the pond, man. Epic fail, man.

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You were there???!!!

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Dude yaaaa!!!!

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So crayyyyzee! Loud cracks popping and echoing, but no splash sound at all.

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Well, like, he backed waaay up and FLOORED it! Got about 10 feet in and all the roaring just kind of sighed. And died.

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They waited to long to invent camera phones.

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I never really went to any big parties with the jocks. I hung out with the skaters, punks and stoners. We did our own thing, usually hanging out outside somewhere with pot, beer or a bottle of Boone’s Farm. We didn’t do punch.

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I hung with the “Freaks.” But the jocks kind of tended to gravitate toward us here and there..
I also think my class of 76 was very unique. As time goes on….I realize….

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No party here.

My high school class was extremely hostile to each other. There were some kind of competition among small groups. At the end of grade 10th people arranged a day traveling to somewhere and that was it. After than several attempts for a small gathering among everyone failed, with only a handful of people showed up at the due time. Mostly the people who did show up were friends of the one proposing the idea. With so few people there was not much to do. I was at a gathering once and people just chatted at home and went for karaoke. I remember leaving early.

I was depressed at that time too. I belonged to no group. There wasn’t any good reason for me to hang out.

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<passes Mimi a fatty>
That sounds unbearably dreary.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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@Patty yeah, I had few people to interact with. My social life back then was non-existent. But looking back, I think it was a blessing in some way. I couldn’t fit in, meaning I was safe from the toxic influence of my classmates. I desperately wanted to be as cool and wise as them, but now I know there’s nothing cool nor wise about posting selfies everyday, taking random quotes from the internet without understanding their meaning, and stubbornly arguing with everyone even after you are proven wrong. If I had been able to fit in, I wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t like me around Patty.

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Lort. I just went places until I found someone I knew then we just hung out.

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@Mimishu1995, I didn’t mean you should have been different, not at all.
I am wishing the situation were not toxic. It is a shame your classmates couldn’t have been more social, with each other, and with you.

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