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How to burn PC games into a disc?

Asked by anon30 (334points) December 23rd, 2009

First, the game is this.

I have a DVD-R disc and CD’S, I want to be able to burn it, then be able to install it on any computer. how can I do this?

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go to, create an account and download the client software, after logging into the client, navigate to the left 4 dead 2 page and click “buy now!”

fcking pirate…

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Just tell me how?

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If the file is an ISO I would use this It is free and pretty simple.

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I thought that the “instructions” on that site were fairly accurate so I am surprised that you are having difficulty. Then again, many pirates don’t actually have much in the way of computer skills so maybe I should not be terribly surprised.

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It has instructions on how to download it and install but not to burn it on a disc

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and i think the file is exe

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“Left For Dead 2 (no installation required)”
Just bring it to your friends on a usb

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Burning a data file onto a CD is a function built into WinXP Pro. Failing that, USB Flash drives are pretty cheap; I could pick up an 8GB one (big enough to hold a DVD with enough room left over for five CDs) for $30 without even shopping around for the best deal.

BTW – The Instructions link I tried to post the first time didn’t format for some reason.
(Likely operator error :P )

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) Get in the folder REGFIX and run the file for your system [X86-X64]

what does that mean

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The stuff that you download will have a folder called REGFIX that contains different versions optimized for different types of systems.

You will probably want the x86 version since chances are that you are not running a 64-bit system.

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Nope it’s a 32 – bit. vista

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Can i still play it?

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All this hassle could be solved by just going legal, and why not ? don’t you want to get paid for your work ?

..oh, and don’t give me the “too expensive” crap, you know it’s bullshit.

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Well, if it’s free, why bother?

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because it’s stealing, it’s seriously plain theft, and that’s not nice now is it ? and, i hope you’re not offended but you’re not clever enough for piracy yet…

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@BlockStar22 I think you might want to read up on how the RIAA and MPAA feel about “free” music. Then there is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to consider.

Remember, when you buy software you are not buying the actual program, you are buying the license to use it lawfully.

Look at it another way; if you buy a car, does that mean that you are able to drive it? I mean, it’s in my driveway, I have the keys to it, and all so why not?

Truth is, I had to pay for a license authorizing me to drive passenger vehicles, and a bit more to file the paperwork saying that the car with such-and-such VIN is now mine and not owned by the person I bought it from, thus granting me the legal right to use that car.

If you think you can get around it just because software can be copied easier than cars then you’re in for a rude surprise ;)

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I’m not even gonna download it

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Hey thanks, i went to gamestop and got the game myself, (i bought it) it is stupid, downloading it without paying it, but i still want put it into another disc, so i can use it if it gets scratched. (im not selling it or anything)

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@BlockStar22 I really hate to say this because it’s a big pain in my balls as well, but sometimes even that is illegal. It’s stupid beyond belief and there have been many legal debates on how that conflicts with the Fair Use doctrine.
Some companies allow licensed/registered users to obtain a copy for a small fee (mostly shipping and handling; often around $5 or so), some will send you a replacement if you send then the damaged disc, and some will tell you “Tough shit!”. Not knowing the terms of the license on that particular software, I don’t know what the legality of such a thing is.

More importantly though, some games use some form of copy protection anyways, and without knowing what form is used (if any) I couldn’t tell you a sure-fire way to copy it anyways!

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