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What do you qualify as video game addiction?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) October 28th, 2011

I used to love to write music during my spare time. Now, it seems, when I’m through with homework or even before homework or even before I have to pick up my girlfriend from work I tend to think about squeezing in a game of StarCraft2 (online computer game). I think I’m addicted and its getting the best of me. But I tend to defend it with a particular psychology. I simply view the game as how one might approach chess since it is a strategy/war game. It’s not like a one button kind of game full of crazy sounds aimed to hook people. Any advice? Any hope?

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She knows better and tells better than I can say in my words :P

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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@Hibernate Yes. I’d say it might be impairing my life at the moment. Ahh, going to miss all my online gamer friends.

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You don’t have to miss them. You just need to take care of real life stuff first. I replaced my TV with my computer but I still can make it to work on time.

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Oh dear!!
Any excuse to use that clip, laugh it up.

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Excellent clip @ucme. Here’s the back story on that clip. It was all staged, and not what you think. Kudos!

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OMG, I could play starcraft 2 with you to ease the addiction :D… love that game.

It’s addiction when you can’t stop yourself to do things you need to do. I work 60 hours a week with 2 jobs, I’m in a band that meets 2 times a week and will start having probably bi-weekly shows soon, I have a g/f that I see almost everyday, a dog and a cat (and fish), etc

I still manage to get probably 10 or so hours of starcraft in per week (I played the original back in high school much more than that). I just know when I have to stop to go do something. I know when I can’t play at all because I’m simply too busy, and it doesn’t bother me to not play at those times.

If you find yourself not getting important things done because of a hobby that has no major benefits to your life, then you need to cut back.

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After some reflection, I think I might have been addicted to FF11 (an online RPG, like WoW). I started when I was 17 and it kind of took over for a bit. I made excuses to not go out so I could stay home and play. Sometimes I would stay up til 5 or 6 in the morning playing, taking breaks to use the bathroom and get food.

I stopped playing when I went to boot camp after high school, and I never really thought about it because I had other stuff on my mind. But when I got out and to my first duty station, I was back again and in the barracks on weekends.

I would wake up and just start playing all throughout the day and night. I would take breaks to get food and leave for an hour or two to do something else.

I finally just quit because like everywhere else: there’s politics and drama. I was just growing up and started to realize I didn’t need to be doing this anymore so I sold my account and I don’t think about it anymore years later. But I really did miss it when I quit, withdrawal like nostalgia.

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When it begins to eat away at your life and you start claiming illness or something, to stay home and play. I did this with World of Warcraft. I made excuses to not attend family functions or made out that my sinus infection or some other illness was much worse than it actually was. I also <hangs head in serious shame> made excuses to not take my kids to their gymnastics classes a few times because I wanted to go on a guild raid.

Thank goodness that I got burnt out on it and it began to feel more like a chore to log on and do certain things… otherwise I might still be playing. I’ve been WoW sober for three months now. =0)

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If you’d rather game than hang out with friends, take care of your animals and family members.

It’s been irritating to me to meet someone I really like and then discover they game so much to the point they’d rather not date unless the date means sitting with them in front of a tv either watching them game or gaming alongside. bleh. I actually had a grown man of 38 years old tell me once that though he was really liking to go out with me, I was interrupting his gaming time and his online gamer friends were upset. No more guy.

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Me and Skyrim on November 11.

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If you’re making out with your gf and all you can think about is how you’re going to get to the next level or power up your character. Or if you start quoting lines from the game.

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If you’d rather game than spend time with your SO.

If gaming makes you late for work or school or worse, you start skipping.

If gaming keeps you from having regular meals, bathing, tending to your pets or children.

My husband and his kids spent the night before our wedding, camped outside a store in order to get Skyrim on 11/11/11. We had a houseful of out of town guests and off he went. I wasn’t thrilled.

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@Neizvestnaya . . . In all fairness it was Skyrim.

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@Blondesjon: I know, I know. He would have been bored stiff anyways and it kept his kids entertained during wedding chaos celebrations.

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i got laid off pretty much the day it came out and was able to spend some quality poor people time with it for nearly six weeks.

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