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Which atomic structures go with metals/non metals?

Asked by samrhymrs (1points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone


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I’m assuming you haven’t gotten an answer to your question for 2 months because you’re question isn’t specific and doesn’t really make sense (no offense…) What are you looking you for? I’d be glad to help if I can, I’m a chem eng major and helping ppl with their chemistry helps me remember and get better at it!

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Ok well I’m no expert but i can say I’m good at Chemistry. Non-metals I know for sure are reactive to Alkalai-Metals those. The Alkalai-Metals are found in the first two groups or columns (families) on the Periodic Chart – Hydrogen they are solids and they are very reactive. The Non-Metals are Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Flourine, Sulfur, Chlorine, Selenium, Bromine, Iodine, they don’t conduct heat or electricity. But to answer your question straight forwards I would need to know which metals/non-metals you were talking about and the value of their Valence Electrons

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