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Do cellphones create brain cancer?if they do how can we prevent it?

Asked by chino2k (80points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I herd some people that cellphones can damage the brain cells

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Whether or not mobile phones cause cancer is still a debated topic, and not a fact. There are many research groups still studying and recording data, each arriving at wildly different results.

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From what I understand, it seems like you’d have to talk on one non-stop for 200–300 years, at which point you might stand a chance at cells mutating enough to cause cancer.

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They did prove that some of the very first brick-like cell phone did incress your risk for cancer but I am talking about cell phones that are15 years old or older

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and let’s face it, even if you learned that cellphones increased your chance of cancer, would that make you put down the amazing Iphone? I think not.

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i truly hope they do cause brain cancer. the cell phone is the worst device ever created in the history of mankind. used by rude, selfish, self absorbed people at the most inopportune times. who have to dial their wife or their husband or their kids 25 million times a day. the world worked fine WITHOUT cell phones. no one needs a cell phone. they used to be only in cars for when the car broke down and people needed help. that made sense. now the world has gone insane. wait til they let them on planes! i will never fly again. and for those people who say oh no i am SO polite with my cellphone. i have yet to find one polite cell phone user. they use them in movie theaters, at dinner, in lineups. completely stupid.

i mean look at the Lane Bryant killings. that store clerk had a cell phone. didnt save her life. i bet everyone woman in there had one. and not one even had the chance to take a photo of the guy.

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Just this week a report by foreign researchers claims to have proven that it does in fact cause cancer. Translation: Apparently this week it does again. Don’t worry though, next week someone will determine it doesn’t again and we’ll all be ok.

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Whoa, bad experience with a cell phone? The world worked just fine without electricity, we should get rid of that too.

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