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The best hip-hop/rap song?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) October 4th, 2008

I formatted my iPod for Mac and I’m adding to the new library so hit this question up with your take on the best hip hop/rap song!

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If you just formatted you need to start listening to music the real way. Only get full albums!

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If somebody mentions lil Wayne or anyone bad in this thread ima be so pissed.

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Uber that was the worst rapping I’ve ever heard in my life, you scallywag!

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And Magnus if you have such strong opinions about the topic, why don’t you tell us what some good rap songs are then? Huh?

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Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang.

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Oy It’s So Humid? :-)

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Those were some good picks dale.
I dug uber’s too

A few more:
House of Pain
Public Enemy
Snoop Dogg

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Not albums, but artists:

A Tribe Called Quest, De La Sol, Busta Rhymes, The Pharcyde, and Nas, just to name a few.

Do not even classify lil wayne as rap. he is pop shit.

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The Anthem So much talent on one track.
Proper Propaganda by Dilated Peoples
It’s Goin’ Down by Xecutioners ft. Mike Shinoda and Static-X… That song is nothing less than the shit.
Strange Things by Fort Minor
Right Now by Fort Minor
Kenji by Fort Minor

Sorry for all the Mike Shinoda, but he’s a lyrical genius.

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I thought House of Pain’s second album was much better than their first, I particularly liked:

On Point

As for Public Enemy, I prefer this version of:

Bring the Noise

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Mike Shinoda is awesome(sorry gail, i doubt you’ll read this thread)! I love his music.

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Oh, and this is probably my favorite Snoop Dogg song.

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My brain must have died. How did i forget Wu tang?

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I’m not sure if either of these are considered “rap” in your estimation, but I’d make the argument that they are on the cutting edge of rap:

Eambos, probably cuz Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ to Fuck With

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@dalepetrie i would consider both of them rap and both of them awesome. I love the Gorillaz

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Greatest rappers of all time: Tupac, Biggie and Eminem

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I like early/mid 90s hip hop:

Another Fugees
Tribe Called Quest

Just close your eyes and listen; the videos leave something to be desired.

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Snoop: Let me ride
Dr. Dre and Snoop: Nothing but a G thing
Jermaine Dupre-Welcome to Atlanta
Ludacris: Southern Hospitality
Naughty by Nature: Hip Hop Hooray

these are my favorites. Are they the best? I don’t think anyone can say what’s the best. Everyone has their opinion. These are mine.

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I’m on my iPhone,so no links… but I must add

Mos Def
and The Roots

to the list of recommended artists.

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ga, allie! esp. the last 4

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best hip hop song=Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw

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Will have to 3rd AstroChuck’s answer…
Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight
Afrika Bambatta – Looking For The Perfect Beat
Grandmaster Flash – The Message

And, shit, what about Run DMC?
Can’t pick a favourite, but here’s one…
Run DMC – It’s Tricky

Other greats not yet listed:
• Talib Kweli

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More great stuff..
Mantronix – Needle to The Groove
Dead Prez – Animal in Man
Man, this thread is giving me a great excuse to dust off old music.

Also got to give a little love to our lighter brothers:
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
The Streets – Let’s Push Things Forward
Flobots – Handlebars

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Kind of a tangent, but did Ice Cube do some solo projects before NWA (or even CIA)?
And if I’m not totally wrong, does anyone know the name of them?

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WTF, gold digger?! No way in hell!
Best rappers: Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, MF doom, ghostface, big l, charizma, del tha funkee homosapien, rakim, elzhi, med, nas, pharoahe monch
Best groups: das efx, de la soul, dead prez, geto boys, wu-tang, jurassic 5, the roots, a tribe called quest, souls of mischief, public enemy
Best producers: J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock
There’s a few. surly I forgot someone.

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THANK YOU MAGNUS! finally! you’re all talking about “if someone mentions lil’wayne” but you didn’t actually say what you LIKE!
I’m GLAD you disagree with me! but what i’m really happy about is you put down some songs you like! we have different tastes, but i say, don’t criticize mine if you’re not willing to stand behind your own, so thank you for doing that!

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Don’t forget about the old lady

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@Magnus – Yes. Add Lupe Fiasco and the Cool Kids (they’re new, but with so much promise).

For some Canadian artists: K-Os, DL Incognito, K’naan, Cadence Weapon, Kardinal Offishall, Buck 65, Classified… They’re not all so well known, even up here, but they deserve recognition.

We need some female rappers on the list. MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Jean Grae, Rah Digga, Foxy Brown… who else may qualify?

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The cool kids, are you joking?! They’re trash!
Oh, and the only good female rapper in my opinion is lauryn hill, all the others sound alike. Lupe is good, absolutely.

What do you mean I’m not standing behind my own opinion? I’m an opinionated person. But if there’s one subject I’m so opinionated about I trick myself into believing it’s objective, it’s hip hop.

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Magnus, i phrased that badly. i take full responsibility for the fact that you misunderstood me.

i said:
“i say, don’t criticize mine if you’re not willing to stand behind your own, so thank you for doing that!”

the first “you” was supposed to be the general one, as in, “i say this…” “it’s my general motto”

the “thank you” was supposed to mean “thank you for standing behind your own” unlike people who don’t.

you definitely own your opinions. i was trying to commend you for it, and it backfired.

my apologies.

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I say:
“I” as in “me” is confused.

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i was just trying to say, ‘good job on telling us what rappers you like’
is that better? :)

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@Magnus: I think the Cool Kids are sweet. Awesome lyrical style. Minimalist background tracks with great beats. Why don’t you like them?

And are you serious? Missy Elliot sounds like Foxy Brown? Riiiiiiight…

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Left My Wallet in El Segundo

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Can I kick it?
Yes you can

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E40 feat. Tpain: U and Dat

will have to 2nd Nimis answer: Afrika Bambaata: Looking for the Perfect Beat. I used to love Afrika Bambaata. (most white people have never heard of him, i’m white and every time i mention him to a fellow honky they have no clue what i’m talking about).

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Really? Like Mos Def, I know a lot of white people who are quite fond of Afrika Bambaata.
Wait, that sounds like Mos Def knows a lot of white people who like Afrika Bambaata. Ha.

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Cmon… E40 and t pain? That’s not hip hop, it’s bad pop!

No offence to you, I just can’t stand that music.

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Old school E40 is apparently quite good.

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But that song isn’t old school

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Good point.

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ok. like i said earlier it’s my opinion.

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@Eambos… Yes you can!

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Heyy the cool kids are bad ass though…
they kind of have an old flavor to them, but they’re semi-new
one song by them you should most definitely hear is “a little bit cooler”

Uhm one song i really love thats a classic is “today was a good day” by ice cube…
but there are soo many amazing hip-hop/rap songs that are old school…
I would recommend you download the latest The Roots album “Rising Up”, Lupe Fiasco’s album “The Cool”, and Nas’ “Untitled” album.

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@Naz- YES! Thank you. The Cool Kids rock. “A Little Bit Cooler” is simply the best. It made me feel good about my own dorkiness.

“So I’m sitting on the couch holding the remote
Flipping channels, I’m a rebel, eating a bowl of them
fruity pebbles, fruity pebbles, fruity pebbles
How gangsta is that? Not gangsta at all!
Aw, you judging me dogg? Please! You shop at the mall”

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Trying to Find a Balance, Denvermolorado, Woman With the Tattooed Hands, Little Man (and pretty much anything else by….) – Atmosphere
Take Me Home – Brother Ali
Duct Tape, Bleeding Hearts Club – P.O.S
True Love, Dro – Onebelo
Makeshift Patriot- Sage Francis
Dirty Girl, Woman Tonight, 20 questions, Early Morning Tony – Felt
L.A, D.S.W.G, Better Than the Best, You and I – Murs
Moving at the Speed of Life – Living Legends
One Twenty, Now – Eyedea and Abilities


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OH! And Feather by Nujabes

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Mega kudos for mentioning nujabes! Underrated as *

chelseababyy's avatar

Thanks. They’re absolutely amazing. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE should listen to them!

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Oh and btw, MF Doom, J Dilla, Mad Lib, Mos Def, Common, props to you on those.

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Nice list, chelseababyy.

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my fav 90S rap songs of all time (not in order):
1. nothin but a g thang—- dr. dre and snoop dogg diggity—- blackstreet
3.tennessee—- arrested development
4. mo money mo problems—- notorious BIG feat. mase and p diddy and faith evans and MANY other people
5. can i get a….—- jay-z
6. good vibrations—- marky mark
7. loser—- beck (if its considered rap)
8. mama said knock you out—- ll cool j
9. my name is…—- eminem
10. gangstas paradise—- coolio
11. I’ll be missin you—- P diddy feat faith evans (remake from police)
12. insane the brain—- cypress hill
13. jump around—- house of pain
14. end of theroad—- boyz II men
15. this is how we do it—- montell jordan
16. informer—- snow
17.mind playing tricks on me—- geto boys
18. it was a good day—- ice cube
19. jump—- kriss kross
20. california love—- tupac
21. sabotage—- beastie boys
22. erykah badu—- on & on

ETCETC look at my playlist of the 90S:

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Right now I’m rocking “Nike Boots” by Wale.

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“Flyer than the rest of ‘em…”

shadling21's avatar

”...Still got my Nike boots.”

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90’s kid – great list.

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90’s kid – you reminded me – whatever happened to blackstreet? they were so good. i also used to like En Vogue.

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blackstreet broke up…i liked the beat. idk about en vogue i think 1 girl left the quartet thats all i know
but im suppose to know :(

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I think of Blackstreet as more R&B than Hip Hop. I really liked the version of Fix they did with Old Dirty Bastard, Slash and Fishbone. I bought the CD though and it’s just their version, not my thang. I like my rap to have a harder edge.

Lately I’ve been groovin’ on “Move, Bitch” from Ludacris

“I’m doin’ 100 on the highway
So if you see me comin’ get the fuck outta my way.
I’m DUI, hardly ever caught sober,
and you about to get ran the fuck over.”

It’s clever, it elevates profanity to an art form, and it hits hard.

I love Luda, anyone who can come up with the lyric “Comin’ up shorter than 5 Danny DeVitos”, AND make it rhyme! That’s my kinda rapper!

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Check out Soul Position – Hand Me Downs. :]

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@ dalepetrie
i guess…i mean they dont really rap i guess…but in the middle a lady comes out and raps…ill agree

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Fair enough!

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Slaughterhouse by Joe Budden feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked-I, Royce Da 5’9”. Great hip-hop song!

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I saw the word “best” and the first thing that came to my head was Bring The Noise.

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is just a stone classic album all the way through and I wish there was a young mainstream rap equivalent to this today.

Don’t look at me, I’m too old and I have no flow.

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Elzhi—Talkin’ In My Sleep

Crazy concept, lyrical complexity, storytelling, dreamstate atmospheric beats… definitely one of the illest tracks off the illest hiphop record of 2008!

And if you like that one, you can grab the album here:

Keep diggin’!!!

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99 problems – jay-z
keep ya head up – tupac
changes – tupac
hit ‘em up- tupac
family business – kanye
homecoming – kanye
regulate – warren g
can i kick it – a tribe called quest
we can get down – a tribe called quest

ok thats enough.

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Daydreaming by Lupe Fiasco ft. Jill Scott.

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american terrorist by Lupe fiasco
bonita applebaum by Tribe Called Quest
Hurt me soul by Lupe fiasco
Can I kick it? by Tribe Called Quest
Gettin’ up by Q-tip

a few more songs you should check out

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Just a few off the top of my head:

Tupac – Brendas Got a Baby
Jay-Z & Eminem – Renegade
Lupe Fiasco – Streets on Fire
Talib Kweli – Around My Way
Eminem – Sing For The Moment

All really a preference topic, but just grab everything from the best artists and you won’t go wrong.

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also ghetto rock – Mos def

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