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How do you become a futurologist?

Asked by Evol (84points) December 26th, 2009

how do you become a futurologist/consultant?

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Here is an answer from the UK Independent:

“There are two ways to become a futurologist: either you become an expert in a specialist field, or you can join a future consultancy or institute straight after university. Some futurologists are tightly focused on predicting developments in one area where they have strong expertise. Others are more general, like me.”

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Read many, many books. At least 30–40 a year.

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I’m a futurist. I just did a lot of research and trend analysis, and read a lot of science fiction. You need to know a lot about current times and then extrapolate the trends. It’s a big research thing. Easiest to do if you know what are very well.

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Study about all the future trends you can find…

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read read read… I’m interested in this field too

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