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How do I get traffic on my new green wedding blog?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) February 27th, 2008

I am new to the web world and have started my first blog – how do I advertise it/get it listed in the blogger directory? (Is there such a thing?) eep.

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The closest thing to a blog directory is Technorati or Blogged. You can submit your blog to those sites for free. It’s also probably worth submitting your blog to Google if it hasn’t been indexed yet.

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the best thing to do is get other blogs to link to you…you can create a “blogroll” where you link to other blogs and in exchange ask them to link to you. I imagine there are lots of other green blogs that would be willing to do this for you. There are also green media outlets that might cover your blog launch or have you for an expert on their radio shows, etc.

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If you do it through blogspot, then I believe google automatically indexes it for you under blogsearch.
Linking is great. Writing good material that people want to link to or read should go without saying.

Less obviously – have good images that people might key for. I’ve had quite a few people cruise by my blog because they were looking for something specific (e.g., “wolf mask”)
Tag the images too, that might help.

Incidentally, if you are as obssessed as me with figuring out my traffic, get a statcounter that will help you figure out where your traffic is coming from and what keywords people tend to use. That’s how I figured that people were looking at my blog in an image search (I use – great for small websites).

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Oh and feed your blog through facebook too, so your friends know when you have a new entry! My traffic spiked after that.

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