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How do you put a website link on your computer desktop?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) May 24th, 2011

I often refer to certain websites often. These are not big-name websites, but I like to check in to see what is happening and what new postings might be on the site.

I often have to trawl through my hundreds of bookmarks to find the link (if I can’t remember the exact web address). I would like to put them on my desktop so I can just click on an icon and go in and browse.

Is this possible to do with a website that doesn’t offer a desktop app?


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Yes. The easiest way is to add the website to your favourites and drag and drop that to your desktop from the list of favourites.

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Here’s one easy way:

1. Right click on the desktop and select “New” then “Shortcut”.

2. In the box that shows “Type the location of the item” enter the website address. You may be able to get away with “”, or you may have to enter a “fully qualified” address: “” depending on how your system is set up. (Try simply “” first, because I expect it’ll work fine that way. Spelling counts; it’s vital.)

3. Click Okay, then enter a user-friendly name (whatever appeals to YOU) for the “name of the shortcut”. Click Okay again.

4. Your shortcut is ready for use.

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Does your browser have a bookmarks bar? I just use that and at least in Firefox you can make folders like this.

At least on a Mac you can drag the url to the desktop and it will make it a clickable link that will fire up your browser and take you to the page.

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Use of Bookmarks to mark favorites and subscribe to Feeds has really made the tasks you mentioned simple. Like you, many users like to mark any sites/webpages that they liked so that they can easily check them again in future. Hence, you can mark a page as a favorite and all favorite pages can be accessed from bookmarks menu. Similarly, most of the modern sites come with a typical orange icon with a dot and 2 white arcs-(see the icon next to search box on this page) these are their RSS feeds- when you subscribe to a particular feed, you will get informed about any updates. In firefox, this is also in the Bookmarks menu.

Now, as you are asking, a solution to make desktop icons- that has been suitably answered before- but as you surf the web and mark more webpages and sites, your desktop will end up being cluttered with lots of shortcut web-links! You could have a hard time finding stuff amongst so many icons.. On the other hand, using bookmarks options, you can keep all your favorite links in your bookmarks- and even arrange them into separate folders based on the topic/field. That will make your life a lot easier. Lets say i’m interested in three things- music, astronomy and photography. Then i can make three folders in the bookmarks menu with these names, and whenever i mark a page as a favorite, i can go to bookmarks library [in firefox: Bookmarks>Show All Bookmarks (shift+ctrl+B)] and drag the favorite page into its relevant folder. Next time i want to check out that music related page, i just go to bookmarks menu, go to folder named Music and click on the relevant page. All this happens within the browser- no need to create shortcuts or folders explicitly in your file system. Just mark, arrange and view all your favorite pages within the browser. :)

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Thank you so much for all the suggestions…! I need to sit and read and figure out which one will work for me…but I thank you so much for taking the time to explain things so clearly and thoroughly! I will get back to this thread after I’ve done that.

Lurve coming….!

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The simplest way to do this is to drag and drop the link in your favorites bar to your desktop and it’ll be there for easier access in the future.

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