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Where can I add sky miles to on my Visa FlexPerks after the fact?

Asked by benchaos (64points) December 27th, 2009

I flew for the holidays, and can not for the life of me find where to put this information. I need to know where to put my flight information in to the FlexPerks people so I can make sure I earn sky miles on it!

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”# The miles accumulated by the new FlexPerks Visa credit card have no connection with your Delta SkyMiles account or your NWA WorldPerks account.
# The miles accumulated by this credit card go into an account U.S. Bank has opened for you in their new frequent flyer program called the FlexPerks Travel Reward Program.”

According to this website, it seems that the two have no relation to each other. FlexPerks is separate from sky miles, so by booking a flight on the card, you’d earn the FlexPoints for the amount of money you spend on the flight, but you can’t convert any miles accrued to the credit card. They’re a separate system in themselves. You can, however, eventually trade in FlexPoints for a flight, which you can then earn more sky miles from. (And I’m sure with the sky miles, you’d be able to redeem flights, but through the sky miles system, and not through the FlexPerks system.)

Hope this helped!

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Hi, I’m not familiar with FlexPerks, but here’s how it generally works with frequent flier programs. If you’re looking to get frequent flier miles added to your account it depends on whether you’re trying to get credit for the miles that you’ve already flown, or for the miles you accumulated by charging the ticket on your credit card which has a frequent flier affiliation and may give you a certain amount of miles per dollar spent.

In order to get credit for the miles you’ve flown, you either had to a) enter in your frequent flier number when you purchased the ticket or when you checked in for your flight, or b) if you saved your boarding pass, you can contact the SkyMiles program and they will give you a fax number or mailing address where you can send in your boarding pass and they will credit the appropriate miles for your account. If you’ve lost your boarding pass, you may be out of luck, but it’s worth contacting the SkyMiles program over the phone, ask to talk with a supervisor, and see if there is still a way for them to enter the miles into your account.

If you’re talking about the miles that you earned on a SkyMiles credit card, that should be automatically entered into your account – you shouldn’t have to do anything. Hope this helps.

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