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Anybody planning anything special -- this New Year's Eve is also a Blue Moon day?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) December 27th, 2009

A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon occurring in a single month. They only happen about once every 2½ years. Our first full moon this December was on the 2nd, and the 31st will be the second and Blue Moon. It’s a truly rare occurrence for a Blue Moon to fall on New Year’s Eve. The next one will not roll around till 2028. So, are you planning to get drunk and howl at that Blue Moon or what?

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Perhaps I’ll celebrate with one.
A Blue Moon, that is.

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Not only that, but in parts of the world other than the US, there will be a partial lunar eclipse. But to be honest, a regular full moon makes things crazy enough….not really sure why, but my wife has worked in customer service quite a bit and whenever she’s worked on New Year’s eve, her life turns into a freakin’ Barney Miller episode. I can only imagine, a day that people think the most important thing in life is to get drunk and stupid as humanly possible on a day when people act crazy in general, with two unusual astrological event’s occurring AND the turn of the decade. Sounds like a reason to stay home if you ask me.

Though, we are going out to dinner with my wife’s brother, his boyfriend and a high school friend of her brother’s (and maybe her husband). They are then planning to hit the best known gay bar in all the Twin Cities, and we may or may not join them, I guess they have a damn good drag show, a low cover and good drink specials. I guess if I really want the full crazy ass NYE experience, this would be the place to be.

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@A Blue Moon beer? Great idea.
@dalepetrie That sounds crazy enough for even the most unique of astrological oddities. Have a great New Year’s celebration.

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@ETpro – even if I go home after dinner, I’m sure I’ll have a fine time. Hope you find something worthy of doing yourself!

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My son is in town for the holidays, so dinner here with him is on the agenda. He’s been away at Fort Benning GA for training, and goes back on the 2nd.

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TV, fluther, a little wine, maybe a treat or two. I’ve always volunteered to work NYE so the young nurses could howl. It will be odd to be home.

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@ETpro – somehow, that sounds FAR more enjoyable than getting puked on by strangers!

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Wow, that’s awesome. It makes me want to come up with some quirky and thematic moon viewing event/ party.

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Been trying to find something to do in NYC with the gf but no luck finding a good place to go, everything is ridiculously priced.

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@dalepetrie Highlight of the outgoing year for us, that’s for sure. :-)

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