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Know a good, free image converter?

Asked by Bugabear (1712points) December 27th, 2009

Specifically to PNG. Bonus points if you know an open source one.

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Assuming you use a PC, Irfanview would be perfect!
Find it here
Be sure to download the plug-ins too!

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Another vote for Irfanview. It does batch conversions in case you have a lot of images.

The Gimp also works, and it’s scriptable for batch processing. Open source, available for Mac, Linux and Windows ( ).

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Phatch is open source and I assume it can do image conversions.

Also, if you want command line imagemagick is all the rage, apparently.

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GIMP can do image conversions.

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@Vincentt Thanks for that tip, I did not know about Phatch. Looks good!

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Personally, I am fond of XnView .
IrfanView isn’t actually bad, but I never liked it. I say try both and stick with the one you like better.

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