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Has anyone actually noticed the iPhone's menu-bar is curved?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) October 12th, 2008

I didn’t until now. I took a snapshot and saw 2 lonely pixels in the top right and left corner:

Did you know?

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Yeah, I noticed that too. Kind of seems like a pointless, but I think it would look weird without it.

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oh, you mean it has “rounded” corners. Ya, I noticed. That’s actually one of the things I really appreciate about apple – no detail is too small to overlook and every pixel is important. It would look a little sloppier without it, for sure.

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I miss my rounded corners on leopard…

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oh i never noticed that but i just looked and they are haha

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Cool. Never noticed that before.
How do you take a snapshot of the screen?

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Hold home button and press sleep/wake-button while still holding the home button. The screen will flash and then release the buttons. Screenshot will appear in the Camera Roll. :)

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That’s awesome! Have some lurve.

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Naughty naughty someone’s using T-Mobile!

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@PIXEL: Huh?
@AstroChuck: Thanks!

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You hacked your iPhone.

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No I didn’t. In the Netherlands it’s only available with T-Mobile.

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My phone’s not hacked either and I’ve got me some pixels.

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Oh yea, I see it now that you mentioned it.

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You don’t have to buy it with a contract everywhere. And in a lot of countries, selling cellphones with a forced contract is illegal. Like in norway.

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Here they may.

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