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What style is this image?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) May 31st, 2009

I want to find more images like this on Google but what style is this in? To get key words to search for similar images.

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Try vintage fliers.

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A lot of magic poster also look very good.

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Not quite the same thing but, posters for vaudeville will turn up some fun images, big block letters and old cartoons. Not sure what your end goal is with these images, maybe that would help?

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Try some of these terms:

Vintage, Old-Time, Fight, Poster, Freak Show, Sideshow, Circus, Carnival, Turn of the century, movable type, press, lithograph

Look on Google Image Search, Flickr, Imgur, Getty Images and other Image sites

I plugged into the reverse image search at TinEye which yielded this

That link was somewhat of a dead-end but it helped me find the site of origin?

I see it was from Did you post it there? If not, that is an amazing image site.

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is it really going to be on PAY-PER-VIEW, or did i not get it?

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@cyndihugs: That would be B).

it’s a spoof, dear

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It is a Vintage Poster, try, they have a great selection of these with different subject matter.

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its a vintage poster

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