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What are some good hotels to stay at in Orlando?

Asked by westy81585 (4311points) December 28th, 2009

I’m going to Orlando sometime in May with my girlfriend. We’ll be in Florida for a week (give or take a day), and in Orlando for probably 5–6 days. Ideally, we would want 2–3 days to go check out a couple of the Disney Parks, Sea World, and possibly Universal or other attractions. The rest of the time we’d like to spend lounging about, and probably hitting up some night life in the evenings. I’ve been to Orlando many times, but my father lives there so I’ve never had to venture out and find a hotel. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’ve been looking at the various Disney resorts themselves, and a few of their moderately priced themed ones look good. Extra points if you find/know of a hotel that we can reserve with included park entry or other extras (though airfare will likely not be an issue as we plan on driving ourselves as of now).

Thanks for the help!

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check out this link..

It has some “Non-Disney” hotel information that you will find useful…I would also check out travelocity and expedia for hotels. travelers are good about sharing their experiences at hotels…especially in Orlando.

If you can afford it, i would consider staying at a moderate resort on disney property. it makes life easier if you are planning on spending lots of time at their parks…plus, you get some perks like extra “magic” hours, free shuttle to the different parks and the hotels are awesome. the deluxe resorts are quite a bit more expensive and the Value resorts are full of kids, so that’s why i would suggest the moderate.

Mouse Savers ( and AllEarsNet ( are great resources for information about disney. I know that you said you were doing other things as well, but these 2 sites are very handy if you have never been to disney or you haven’t been in a long time or you just need more information like calendars and information about rides.

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Remember that you won’t be in Orlando (but about 30 miles away) if you are planning to do the Disney theme parks so that should have an impact on where you are staying.

Another option is to stay near the convention center, which is near universal studios and closer to Disney.

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It depend on your budget but I would recommend you stay away from I-Drive and Disney properties as you’ll end up paying premium price ! Plus they are tourist traps !!
You might want to look for accommodations/lodging in near by Kissimmee or St. Cloud but you’ll need transportation to get around!! Central Florida’s public transportation is terrible,buses are always late,full and they take forever to arrive at their destination.
Most people do not know the Disney World properties are mainly in the town of Kissimmee and not in Orlando.

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