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Are mobile numbers different in the US?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) December 29th, 2009

Mine starts 078

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Ours just begin with our Area codes just like our land lines.

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@JustPlainBarb Even if you are in a different place?

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I’m confused… are you asking if you’re calling from another country? If so, you would have to add 001 I believe and then the area code and phone number. This website tells you how to dial international phone numbers.

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@JustPlainBarb Gr8 link!
@Dibley Did you mean, no. of digits in a phone number? Here, it is 10 digit mobile phone number in India. First couple of digits vary according to service providers. And, they are thinking of increasing it.
You have to dial 91 as a country code for India.
Land line numbers vary according to cities, e.g. 7 digits to 8 digits and even more.

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@prasad It is very helpful… I use it all the time since it tells you exactly how to dial.

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@JustPlainBarb Very helpful, indeed! Thanks.

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In Sweden we have the system of using special codes for cell phones that don’t differ if you move to another area, and are codes exclusive to the different cell phone companies. You can always see if a phone number is a cell phone or not here. It seems like the US and Canada use the same system for cells as land lines.

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@oratio correct. There is no way to distinguish between a landline and celphone just by knowing the number. And the area code is assigned based on where you subscribe to the service. If you move later, your areacode + phone number doesn’t change (unless you want it to)

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New York has a bunch of area codes, since ive moved back to the city i found a new one. Land line + Cell phones – 212, 718, 646, 917, 347 all just for NYC.

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