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What should one do before changing career? What are your suggestions for me?

Asked by prasad (3857points) December 29th, 2009

Here are a couple of sites that I looked into: (it’s paid)

I’m an engineer and masters; this field pays me well. It’s challenging too. I gave a presentation very today to MD and other top managers in a company about an assignment I carried out for one week in their company. They liked it too. This is how it is going.

But, I like drawing; I long for it till Sunday. That’s why I did courses like Animation and web design. I’ve got some questions that I would like to know answers of:

Have anyone of you changed career? How? Any experiences?
What are your suggestions for changing careers?
What do artists do for living? How do they earn?
Should I go for studying animation? probably in US or Canada? Which courses can I go for (animation, arts, photography)? Masters directly or have to start from Bachelors? Or I can get job directly?

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Read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind

the answers will come

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Verify the emloyment prospects in thr new profession. Verify that you meet the minimum qualificatios for this job.

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Get the training you will need before you quit your “day job”. Work in your spare time, and be completely sure that you are not getting into something that isn’t what you expect.

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Thank you for your responses. Yes, I think I should do the same. I will continue with my current job; I am doing part time animation courses in the evening for last 3 months. I would go on with it, then I think, I will gain more knowledge, experience and insight into it. Afterwards, I may be in a position to fairly decide on my career.

Only thing that I am looking for is someone professional in animation from US or Canada. Since, animation in India is just booming, there are no professionals as there are in US or Canada, and it is where animation movies are produced. And, I can’t get reliable information about colleges or Universities over there teaching animation.

Your guidelines are pretty helpful. Tthanks for your replies.

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Try alternative comunicatione,focus,time menagement,audiobooks like can finde a some help in side.

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