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Why do you think people love scaring people about 2012?

Asked by rickyrivera (9points) December 29th, 2009

2012, they say, is the year when all hell will break loose. ten years ago, these people who want to scare people, already said that. right now, they are basing their statements with scientific studies and Mayan calendars. So, what do you think is the real motivation why people want to scare us about 2012?

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They like to scare the hell out of others, by some way or the other.

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Well…. to be frank, some people are very stupid. A lot of people, actually. You tell them that an ancient civilization predicted the end of the world, and hundreds of people will run out and start buying supplies to build underground survival bunkers… I suppose some people just like watching gullible people run around like little ants, buying tinned food and spending their childrens college funds (because hey, if the world ends in 2012, the kiddies won’t have time to go to college, right?)

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I think they do just do it for the “shock value”.

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Society has always loved a good apocalypse scare. That’s why there are so many of them!

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First. No one but yourself can be blamed for you being scared. I was under the impression that we are in control of our own emotions. Second. Anyone who perpetuates such a myth should be ignored without a seconds thought. Attention seeking wack jobs. As i’ve said before armageddon tired of hearing about this.

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These types of predictions have been around forever. Back in the 70’s one of my best friends was a JW and they had predicted that the world was going to end in ‘75 or ‘76 or sometime around there. My friend was sure of this, and they were preparing for the end to come. A lot of the JW’s had even talked about moving to caves to wait it out. Needles to say, it didn’t happen. I was still friends with her and didn’t judge her. Her family was embarrassed but they said they just had the year wrong and things were being recalculated. Y2K was supposed to be the end of the electronic world and people were preparing for that too. One of my friends had even started hoarding food and bottled water. People seem to thrive in the face of disaster, me,,,,I like things on the calm side. I believe that when the end does come we won’t know about it until it’s over!!

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I have no problem when people warn people about real dangers backing their claims with solid evidence. There’s a simple remedy for the problem you’re mentioning: education. You can’t scare people if they don’t get scared.

New Age beliefs thrive because of spiritual voids.

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Adrenalin is addictive. People love the adrenalin-rush the get from being scared sh*tless. They forget all their problems for a while and truly live in the here-and-now…where the fun is. ;-)

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We are tired of saying that nothing is going to happen, so we just started saying that something will, so the believers can see how dumb they are.

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Because they have found through trial and error that they can’t scare their pets about that date.

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Being scared about the preposterous notion that the world will end in 2012 could signal that someone might be either naive or gullible to the nth degree. Or they might be legitimately scared due to some undiagnosed psychological condition that completely escapes all explanation or reason. There’s no sensible motivation behind needlessly and unecessarily scaring someone for no legitimate reason at all. That’s just people being mean and petty.

I have a small revelation for everyone: The world will not be ending in 2012.

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