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How many people are on fluther?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) December 29th, 2009

How many of us do fluther? Facebook on their site says they have 350 million active users. What about fluther?

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Over 9000…......

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350 million active users, dreaming of being on this site.

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I saw this question a while ago….I’m having a hard time believing 350 million active users. Maybe a million people over all time.

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12253 people have answered their first question.

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@ChocolateReigns – Facebook has over a million people online at any one time. I know that. But 350 mil active members I doubt its that much, i know alot of them accounts would be inactive or dupes.

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One caviate to your question. ... that have the remotest clue of what they’re on about? I’d estimate the minority do.

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Probably not a lot. Likely fewer than Answerbag, where I came from, which in turn likely has fewer than Yahoo! Answers (where I was before going to Answerbag); and yet, I’m often seening the same people in Yahoo! Answers. Also note that while Wikipedia articles exist for Yahoo! Answers and Answerbag, none exist for Fluther.

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The last publicly announced figure is around 600,000.

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@to all:
but how many active accounts?

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15 or 20?

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@timtrueman Out of 600,000 only 12,253 have answered a question? Weird.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities A lot of people use our site but don’t register, i.e. land on our site via searching.

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