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I know Fluther is nearly-perfect, but if you could, how would you change it?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) December 29th, 2009

There would only have to be a few tweaks. I would:
—Make it a little more like email. You would be able to see the whole “thread” of messages when you message somebody so you know exactly what you’re responding to.
—Make it a little more like Facebook. There would be “Fluther requests” like there’s friend requests on fb. Then you could see when people in your fluther are online, and there would be a notification of some kind when somebody in you fluther asks a question.

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I would make it NOT case sensitive when typing in someone’s name to reply to.

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The email thing is it.

As far as I know, you are notified when someone in your fluther asks a question.
Fluther isn’t FB. The purposes of the sites are different, and I don’t get why people want Fluther to be more like another site.

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I would like any @ replies to me to show up in a separate listing in the top right. Replies to you, perhaps?

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I would also like the ability to dump the entirety of questions I’m following. It takes forever to go through them all and I have given up on it. Something like empty check boxes that I can tick and then select delete for the group.

@ChocolateReigns Thanks.

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yeah, what @gemiwing said. and to give the more annoying people a shock through their keyboard by pushing a button on my mouse wouldn’t be bad, either.

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I’d like to be notified when users respond to my answers. I’m sure I’m missing that since I don’t always go back to check.

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The ability to block certain people from sending me PM’s.

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@jonsblond: Kiitos paljon.~

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@gailcalled Tiedät, että rakastan sinua

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Eliminate the censorship / moderators.

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@gailcalled minuakin.
@UScitizen I disagree. If we get rid of them, there will be total chaos and millions of stupid-repetitive-easy-to-find-on-google questions.
We’re not Yahoo Answers.

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I’d love it if we’d be able to add images to our questions (only questions not answers) instead of links.

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Scrolling thru questions on an iPhone can be problematic. It’s too easy to accidentally hit a link that takes you to a particular question.

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I actually wouldn’t change anything. I am not a fan of the awards and stuff, but I understand its appeal and accept it. I have decided to continue with this nickname now and won’t change it again at 5K as I’ve done in the past.

I used to think a block feature was needed, like we had in I’ve since learned that I can get along with pretty much everyone, and if there’s a problem (read: fight, flare, troll) – the mods would catch it anyway.

It’s just flutherly here.

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I would change the ability to make any changes to the current site.

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Someone, mistaking me briefly as a Moderator, asked if a spelling and grammar check like Word could be integrated into the site.
While hard to implement, it would be an excellent feature!

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Only to day I was thinking I wish there was a facility for storing questions I had asked (or other threads I had enjoyed) so I could find them easily and peruse them at my leisure.

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I would like to know who lurved my answer but just because I’m nosey.

I would also like to be able to dump questions I’ve been following in an easier manner. It takes forever to go thru them and I jsut finally quit trying.

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Emails…we have to go around the world to contact a friend on Fluther. there has to be an easier way. unlimited questions to ask, not just three in a 12 hour period. answerbag had unlimited questions and answers and i like that part, only. log in time period should last longer. i just logged in five times in fifteen minutes. does Fluther have virus protection? finally, Fluther needs the capability to make instant comments on someones questions and answers. i liked that feature on answerbag.

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@john65pennington I really like the limit on questions. It keeps one person from monopolizing the board. it sounds like your computer is messing up. time to clear the cookies?

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Nearly-perfect? I wouldn’t go that far. It compares nothing to the Old Answerbag. Now both are about the same.

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@LTaylor I was kinda joking… I thought about putting a wink in there (for you technically challenged people, a wink is ”;)”

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I wish that people didn’t feel the need to use emoticons, winking, grinning, hugging, exaggerated punctuation and repeated letters to make a point. It clutters things up. The best answers, for me, are written in standard English, show clarity, lack of long narration, original humor and succinctness.

The lurve system has been degraded recently; I am getting GA’s for short and marginally worthy answers. It is like the inflation of the German mark at the beginning of WWII. In order to buy a loaf of bread, you needed a suitcase full of Deutschmarks.

The only process I find onerous to erasing “comments to me,” one by one. And after each deletion, the browser returns to p. 1.

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@gailcalled Maybe it’s because we’re the next generation. My parents don’t get it either.

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@ChocolateReigns: I get it but think that it is unsuitable for this site. Plenty of other places to chat, flirt, be silly, etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: This adds nothing to my understanding or education. Fluther has an ethos designed for clear reasons by the founders.

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@gailcalled true. I try not to overdo it, but sometimes I just don’t know how else to express what I mean.

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It is amazing how well you can do it with language alone. When you read a newspaper article, book, or essay that makes you laugh or sigh or feel sad or get mad, see how the writer manages it. The more you write, the easier it becomes.

Check out all the really good writers who are part of the collective and see how they do it.

I am busy now; have to empty a litter box in 5˚ F weather where all the outdoor paths are sheet ice.

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I would have a catagory that you can just do a little silly rambling on without getting picked by the masses for being an idiot.

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