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Is it illegal to discuss impeachment?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Each time I want to publicly call for impeachment I balk out of fear of punishment. But am I supposed to fear when I am a citizen in a democratic country?

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Absolutely not.

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As far as the US goes it isn’t illegal to discuss anything though acting like a terrorist may cause difficulty in trying to get on a plane on time.

If we are talking about Bush however, its so late in the game that you might as well just wait for the 08 elections. One would also have to also find something explicitly illegal that the president had done and it looks like wiretapping is easy to get away with. Go vote!

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NO. It is illegal to make or talk about threats against the President or the government.

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I would like to qualify theredjawa’s comments: it is only illegal to make a tangible, imminent threat against the President of the United States. To discuss it in the abstract enjoys full First Amendment protection.

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Isn’t it illegal to make statements to incite violence?

Anyway, no, of course it’s not illegal to discuss impeachment. Depending on who your friends are, it might make you unpopular, but it is more likely (based on national polls) to make you more popular.

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