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I need classy date music!

Asked by RedMosquitoMM (539points) December 30th, 2009

I’m a huge music buff and do some writing about most genres, but could use some recomendations for a date-romantic or general entertaining playlist. Jazz and Classical make sense but both of those are a bit foreign to me (or at least I’m no expert). Don’t say “Clare de Lune,” “Kind of Blue,” Satie’s “Piano Works,” or Schubert’s Nocturnes – those are already in my collection (but I love all four). One last thing: I’m shooting to avoid “cheesy.”

What do you recommend?

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You can’t go wrong with Coltrane.

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Everyone digs Barry White
Even me

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The Stylistics (shy away from the newer stuff – go pre 1980), The Manhattans (they have some unknown gems), Kool and the Gang (the remix of “too hot” with Lisa Stansfield is superb) Slow funk or Soul is great Date music.

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Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra.

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I second The Stylistics and of course Ella and Frank, as for classical, I love Chopin and Champagne.

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Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on a G String
Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
Beethoven – Für Elise
Chopin, Nocturne, opus 27 #2
Krebs, Fantasie in F minor
Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 21, Andante (“Elvira Madigan”) – one of my own personal favourites….......

just a few classic classics…..

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The one group that no one in the business would give a break, because they thought their music was “too out there”.......The Stylistics. their Christmas tape is fabulous.

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Sibelius, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Debussy, Berlioz, Ravel,Prokofiev. But then I’m an autistic asshole, what the hell do I know about “date music”?

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I always recommend My One and Only Love by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. One of my favorites of all time.

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Classiest of all, I think, would be… to find out what your date prefers, and play that.

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Santana’s Supernatural. Every track a winner and variety adding texture to the evening.

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@CyanoticWasp Fair point, but let’s assume said-individual is into this kind of stuff and not just Bon Iver (that is some good indie-rock date music)

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Norah Jones because I said so;)

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@aprilsimnel Well if the alum says Sade, Sade it is lol (though I can’t say I’m digging that idea)

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It’s mellow, it’s very romantic and Sade sings in only one octave, so it’s not jarring. I had an ex whose idea of date music was Led Zeppelin II, so there you go. :D

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...whole lottttttaaa looooooooooovvveee!!!!!!!!!!

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All it did was make me wish I was with Robert Plant, so it sort of backfired.

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Slow Rod Stewart songs and how about Dire Straits Making Movies – now that’s an album you can play from beginning to end during a night of passion – already field-tested ;-) plus many greats have been mentioned above – like Coltrane and Barry White.

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@Zen_Again I feel like “Walk of Life” could be a great euphemism.

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Any Howlin Wolf and/or Nora Jones will set the mood!

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Classy? Romantic?

This is all you need….a fab CD that sounds like it is something you would hear in a Wurlitzer in the 50’s at a dive where slow-dancing is the only thing allowed.

“Cole’s Corner” CD by Richard Hawley (UK) may have to get it from

The title track “Cole’s Corner” is lush and sensual and filled with yearning.

Not all the songs are ballads….but there is a haunting simplicity in his baritone that echoes the greats of times past. This is just a retro sound…can’t call it anything else…nouveau retro (there I just coined a new phrase.)

Don’t miss it….honestly.


For an amazingly evocative,hauntingly sensual CD…music only…I highly recommend:

The Yearning: Romances for Alto Flute
by Michael Hoppe and Tim Wheater

I have had this CD for ages since I first heard it playing in a bookshop in Philadelphia in the 1990’s. It is still one that is a favorite.

Unbelievably beautiful…can’t recommend it enough. This is perfect music for lovemaking…there, I said it. It’s sublime.

Bonus? The CD comes with a booklet filled with gorgeous photographs of famous women of the 1920’s….taken by Hoppe’s grandfather…so each of the tracks is dedicated to one of these famous women. I seem to recall that one of them was Anais Nin.

Date or no date….this is another one not to miss.

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I’ve been enjoying “Enya Radio” on Slacker (and Pandora) ... and I recommend Enya, anyway. But I notice how often stuff from Secret Garden keeps coming up, too, and how often I hit “Favorite” on those selections. Jim Brickman, too.

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My friend just told me about a dude named James Morrison, a Brit version of Barry White. Not up my street, but it might do for you!

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