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Can we win the war on terror?

Asked by Tomfafa (2313points) December 30th, 2009

Will there be a day when islamic terrorists stop trying to kill everybody… not just us infidels in the west but the thais, the philipinos, the indians… pretty much everybody else, including and mostly THEMSELVES!

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No. It is always something.

Like a cold or a virus.

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It’s a conflict so complicated that I dont think anyone really understands all sides of it.
I don’t think so.

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The ‘war on terror’ is a made-up thing. Therefore we can not win or lose in it. And the ‘islamic terrorists’ are hardly the only players involved.

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Not by treating it as a war we can’t. It ought to be clear by now that fear of consequences, like their countries getting bombed to the stone ages, doesn’t deter terrorists. This isn’t like the old days of Libyan terrorists who were given orders by a national leader with something to lose. If there were a little more attention paid to the legitimate grievances that some of these groups start from, we might have a chance of at least reducing it. I don’t think we are likely to eliminate it altogether in our lifetimes.

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Not by fighting it as a war, maybe by changing policies. Off of that soap box and on to another, it’s like the war on drugs in the way that it’s more profitable if it doesn’t end.

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We are about as likely to win the “War on Terror” as we are to win Reagan’s “War on Drugs,” or even Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”

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OK. @laureth already said tt!

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No. * sigh *

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@naivete I think so too. There seems no way to appeal to suicide terrorists, fanatical religionists [made up word?], no threats that hold water. So few know about the plans of a terrorist group before the event- how anyone effectively deal with that? There just aren’t spies enough.

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According to the Obama administration there is no war on terror, I guess there is a war against man made disasters.

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or overseas contingencies…

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@faye Exactly. Some people are just too fanatical about their religious ideals. It’s hard to incorporate everyone into a great big peaceful resolution

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No. We will never shake the criminal influence of Israel on our US government. Israel has won.

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@UScitizen I was born in israel so please explain this ‘criminal influence’... you mean the money? israel should get no money the US… furthermore all the israelis should forthwith leave the country. They have lost the right to the land after the second rocket landed in the state. Besides the palistineans have shown that they have a superior society… held back only by evil jews!
I can tell that where ever the jews go, even to the north pole, they will create a miracle of democracy, of commerce, of learning. If it is at the north pole… they won’t be burdened by festering evil hate that they must endure now. It is good enough for the arabs to live within the state of israel… but the muslims cannot deign to tolerate a single jew amongst them… or christian or any infidel!

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@Tomfafa Tolerance is the key word!

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@faye Since the return of gaza in a bid for peace… an estimated 12,000 rockets and morters has fallen on israely towns and villages… what is tolerance? 20,000…. 50,0000

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The jews are the most benevolent people on the planet and too patient in my opinion.

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I was agreeing with your statement about some muslims being intolerant. I have a fondness for Isreal that has been with me since I remember, with no basis in fact for it and I don’t know much about it. I do admire what I’ve read about Mossad-my son tells me I’m wrong.

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Sorry faye… your avatar is very funny.

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@Tomfafa yes, it makes me smile. I should answer more precisely.

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@UScitizen I take personal offense at that remark, however, I know when there is no point in debate. Your way of writing it (and thus thinking) leaves no room for discourse.

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