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How do I put back the cork on the champagne?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) December 31st, 2009

The bottom of the cork turns out to be wider than the bottle.

Is there any way to reseal the champagne?

Is it possible to manipulate the cork in order to refit the top of the champagne bottle, or do I have to find something else to seal it?

If something else, what usually works?

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Finishing the bottle off!!!

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@sndfreQ Please try again? I don’t think I can count on just three family members finishing the bottle tonight. (One of them is only going to be 15 on the 19th.)

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Use a rubber mallet (lightly) to get the cork to fit back in the bottle.

However, for best results you should pour the rest down the drain because champagne = failure.

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Once a bottle of champagne is open, you’ll need a special stopper to recork the opened bottle. A regular stopper could easily fly off in the refrigerator.

Otherwise, store it in the fridge, let it go flat, and cook with it tomorrow.

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You don’t. Leftovers can be used as @Darwin suggests.

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I use a trimmed cork from a regular wine bottle, saved for the purpose.

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We have a set of resealers, which have an air pump with them, you just pump the air in through the valve on the stopper.

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It’s a bit like virginity. Some things cannot be put back as they were.

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Driiiiiiiiiiiiink it

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Pour it into a bottle with a screw top. That is what I do with an unfinished can of soda. If you’re lucky it won’t explode in the fridge. But @Darwin has the best idea I think, champers is meant to be drunk immediately after opening.

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If you want to preserve the fizz, try this. Drop the handle of a teaspoon into the bottle, with the wide part of the spoon just resting on the top. I have no idea how it works, but it will keep a bottle of bubbly fizzy for about 2 days.

You’ll never get the cork back in unless you trim it with a knife, then you’ll get bits of cork in your wine. :-X

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WOW @downtide.
I’ll have to try it… Where did you learn that?

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My white wine last a week or more. I push the cork back in. I cook with it. I do not know how to preserve the bubbles. downtide’s answer sounds feasible.

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A visit to this website might just help you solve all your cork dilemmas. =)

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@Bagardbilla it was a trick my mum told me about. We tested the theory one New Years Eve when we had 2 opened bottles of champagne left over from a party. One of them we used a wine-bottle stopper, the other one we used the teaspoon and I was amazed that it actually worked. The stoppered one went flat, the one with a spoon stayed fizzy.

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oh geez, i thought this was figurative, and i got excited. my question is how do you put the cork back on to the bottle the morning after? anyone? anyone?

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@downtide – Unfortunately for your mum’s theory, the Mythbuster’s disproved the silver spoon trick:

“Placing a silver spoon in a bottle of champagne can keep it bubblier for longer.


The spoon actually reduces the fizziness of champagne. In a blind taste test when compared to several controls (opened champagne, re-corked champagne and unopened champagne) both Adam and Jamie ranked the spooned champagne the lowest in terms of fizziness.”

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Empty the bottle. It does not “keep”.

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@Darwin it worked in my mum’s house. I actually did it, and tested the champagne 2 days later, and tasted it myself.

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