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So is it twenty-ten or two-thousand-ten?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) January 1st, 2010 from iPhone

Which are we supposed to call it? Either way, Happy New Year!

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Well, I’d say it would be “twenty-ten” as throughout the 20th century we called it “nineteen-ninety-five,” etc.

During the first decade though it sounded slightly awkward to say “twenty-oh-one,” so most people would refer to it as “two-thousand and one.”

Also, happy new year to you, too!

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2010,,,,, twenty ten

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We generally look for ways to say something with the least syllables possible. “Twenty-ten” has three, “Two-thousand-ten” has four.

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@AstroChuck Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!

I’m gonna go with twenty ten.

But I haven’t decided on what to call the decade, yet.

Edit: @ega… you are right, and not only that: just as in number counting the Americans are one syllable shorter than us Brits and Canucks – we would have to add yet another syllable and thus say” two thousand AND one.

Happy New Year!

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We don’t all have to agree on everything all the time. Who cares?

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Was it One Thousand Nine Hundred Ten last century?
and I know you remember Chuck
Twenty Ten
Happy New Year

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I would say Year X after the Roman numeral for ten.
or double-M L X.

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I’m calling it BOB.
It’s easier to remember.

oh, ok, in my early morning, just woke up, and got a stinking cold type opinion, twenty ten would be more “American”, here in Scotland I’ll wager we’ll call it two thousand and ten.
(Hopefully, the year Chocolate becomes compulsory!)

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I was maybe thinkin’ nineteen-ninety-twenty. It kinda has a retro feel to it.

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May this year be the most truly awesome one yet for all!


And I really like twenty-ten!

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I might call it 2 oh 1 oh just to be different.

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I think I’ll say twenty-ten, but I don’t know yet. Whatever rolls off my tongue the easiest, I suppose. Whatever we end up calling it, let’s hope it’s a damn sight better than 2009!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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@EgaoNoGenki – ahhhh shucks, thank you : -)

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I like MMX – as for saying it, I think it might be two-thousand-ten. To me twenty-ten sounds too much like you’re correcting yourself and seems confusing, is it twenty, is it ten?

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How about two-oh-ten?

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Either or.

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correction. double-M X

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Well, first of all Happy New Year!!!
I would like to call it as ‘Twenty Ten’. Firstly, its the most easiest and fastest way to pronounce. Secondly, we are not breaking rules by using the alternative way.
Some people will prefer to say it as ‘Two thousand and ten’ but seems a long way and why go the the flow? ‘Twenty Ten’ gives a good impression.

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I’ve been saying OH-10

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I think I’m going to say “twenty-ten” but I don’t know yet what’s going to be the common way to say it here.

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I’m working on four different versions as of now:

Twenty ten
Two thousand ten
Two zero ten
Em em ex. :p

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@wildflower I get the feeling that the chipset was introduced 14 years early. (Maybe named 14 years early.) (LOL)

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@AstroChuck 19 – 90 – 20 – isn’t that how the French count?

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Lazy fucks..

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In my country we have always said thousand when talking about even millennia. We was taught in school to say, e.g. In thousand BCE and eleven hundred BCE.

Now suddenly that had to change because we live in an even millenium, for reasons unknown. I say two thousand and ten, just like I was taught.

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Oh-10 works for me.

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I like twenty ten. That sounds cool.
Happy New Year!!!

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The answer is YES, and Happy New year.

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First off, Happy New Year to everybody.

I predict that twenty ten will be the most common usage now that we are past the single digits.

And the rest of the country will finally catch up with Charles Osgood (CBS Sunday Morning) who has consistently been using twenty all along. People have generally regarded him as a bit odd for consistently using that from the first week on ( twenty-oh-one, etc) even tho the entire rest of the country chose two thousand one, etc.

So, now the maverick can finally be a little vindicated when everyone else adopts the twenty mode of saying the date. Good for him for sticking to his guns all this time.

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People might very well be calling this new year twenty-ten but I’m betting next year we call 2011 two thousand eleven instead of _twenty-eleven.
Extra syllable and all.

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I’ll probably refer to it as twenty ten.

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If you are right about eleven, it’s nice to know that no matter how many people go that way, Osgood will stick to the correct way and persist with twenty eleven :)

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Twenty ten!

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I’ve been saying “two-thousand 10” so far. I wish I didn’t, though. But it’s what everyone around me says and I’m already in the habit of saying it.

I just hope this “two-thousand” crap stops when we hit 2100, which in my mind, sounds like “twenty-one hundred”.

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@DominicX- I couldn’t care less if it stops when 2100 comes along. Why would I? And why would you?

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Because it takes too much time to say and it doesn’t follow how we refer to all the previous centuries.



It makes more sense to me to say the one that’s less of a mouthful and since I’ve always heard people say “twenty-one hundred”, I’m sure it will be said that way by most people.

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I think what Chuck meant is that’s it’s rather unlikely that we will still be around to care one way or the other :)

Unless one is preparing to be cryogenically frozen.

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@AstroChuck, @Buttonstc Speak for yourselves. I take my vitamins everyday, I’m in for the long haul. ~

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I will be 155, hehehe, see you there, I’ll be the one with flames painted on the side of my walker and an air horn on the handlebars.

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I’ll still be six.

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I think that as long as we’re looking to downsize and use an economy of syllables we call it 3 by using the numerology method.
2+0+1+0= 3. Three has too many letters though so we can use tres or better still just t. This is year T
No more numbers

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I can’t wait until F,

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I’m so used to saying “two thousand” whatever, that I just say “two thousand ten.”

I just think it sounds awkward to say “twenty ten” I’m not used to saying years like that. I am only fourteen. Although I’m pretty sure Chuck beats me in the “youngness” factor. He’s only six!

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