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What gift could I buy for a friend who just got an iPhone?

Asked by jlm11f (12358points) January 1st, 2010

One of my close friends got an iPhone for Christmas. Her birthday is coming up and she told me she would like something that possibly goes with that. Now, I have no idea what she means because I don’t own one. I also believe that she has no idea what she means because she is terribly un-tech savvy. So is there anything I could get her which would supplement her iPhone?

I already bought her one gift so let’s keep the budget as 25$ max. Worst comes to worse, maybe just an iTunes gift card? Thanks!

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iTunes gift card. Those are always appreciated with all of the great apps in the store.

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Absolutely in agreement with @Beastlicker an iTunes gift card is awesome!

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A case (but let him pick it) and/or an AC adapter for his car.

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A leather holder for her iphone. They offer protection if she drops it.

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I’ve heard the battery life is crap on the iPhone so how about something like this

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Definitely a car charger.

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@RareDenver looks interesting. I saw one a while ago that worked off solar too. I need to find it again.

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What is the name of my mouse… Kensington

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GQ; I have a friend who’s just gotten and iPhone and this will really help with the Secret Santa thing we do.

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I go with the iTunes gift card, also now in the form of an iApps card. That way she can customize her iPhone with all the different apps and games she might want to have.

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@johnpowell Thanks for that link- I just bought it. I love this question!

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I have an iPhone and I can’t get enough of iTunes. I agree with the majority above. I also like my scratch protector for the screen as well as a case to keep it from getting damaged. I didn’t get it on my first version phone and wished I did.

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Apple store gift certificate? Or you could get her some cool headphones. Not everyone likes earbuds.

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The items I’ve found most useful since getting iPhone, in car charger, iPhone dock to sit next the computer I sync it to and apples Bluetooth earpiece.

But I dearly love it when people buy me iTunes gift cards, music, films and apps. Just a perfect gift.

Also you could personalise the experience a little by buying the iTunes gift directly from the iTunes store and gifting a song or an album to them at the same time.

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Thanks everyone! I ended up buying her the gift card after all. I checked out all your suggestions, but chose the gift card for a couple of reasons:

1) I don’t think she’ll use it enough that she’ll need the extra battery stuff.
2) She loves those little apps and games
3) All of you had very convincing reasons for the gift card.
4) Now I can tell her that her gift is indeed personal because ten or more? iPhone users told me so, so I did my research =D

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@PnL – She will greatly appreciate your gift (those apps and songs do add up quickly).

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I suggest a photo of you since you won’t be able to pry her eyes from the phone for at least 6 weeks and she may forget who you are.
Other than that I agree with iTunes card!!!

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