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How do you transfer a blog from typepad to blogspot? And other blogspot

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) January 1st, 2010

Once again….I am still figuring out how to use blogging in more creative ways and I need help.

First of all, is it possible to move blog entries from typepad to blogspot? How would I do that? (I just find using blogspot a lot easier).

Secondly, I cannot figure out how to fill out the side margins on blogspot…with extra information, lists, etc. Can someone enlighten me? (I’m not talking about the bare bones sidebars that they provide you with. I’ve see blogspot blogs with great stuff on the sidebars——how’d they do that??)

Thirdly, how can I archive my blogs in subject areas…for example have a list: Books (for a book review), Theatre (for a theatre review), Great Places to Visit on Mars (for a Mars Review) get the pix, right? There is nothing in the basic program that shows you that….but I have seen other blogspots with that in there.

Is there somewhere all this cool stuff is hidden? Do you need to get some enhanced blogspot program?

Any information would be most appreciated! Thank you!

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A) You can export your blog entries and then import those entries into blogger. This article from the help base at Typepad tells how. As for the entire blog (including design and all), I doubt you can move the entire thing. It will be necessary to replicate the code and adapt it to the blogspot platform, or to retrieve a new template designed for Blogger.

B) By side margins, I assume you mean the sidebar to the left or right of the blog post. Putting widgets there is pretty simple, actually.

1. You must first log into your blogspot account, and go to your Dashboard. There will be a menu of your blogs.

2. Under the the title of each blog are options: new post, edit posts, settings, layout and monetize. Click on layout. Then, a beige “drawing board” of your blog will load. Each part is labeled.

3. On the side (usually the right by default) is a blue link that says “add a Gadget.” Click on it. In the window that pops up, click on the gaget (or widget) you desire. Save your work and view your blog. The gaget should be there on the sidebar.

If you require more information, or screen shots, let me know. :)

C) This archive process is not ringin’ a bell with me. If you could give a little more info, I might be able to get some info on that as well.

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