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Nintendo DSi Information Needed?

Asked by pjanaway (3000points) January 2nd, 2010

I was thinking of buying a Nintendo DSi tomorrow so I could play around with it while I’m on my 24 hour flight tomorrow, I was wondering how exactly are they powered, I can’t seem to find this information anywhere. Do they require like aa batterys? or do they have a built in rechargeable battery pack or something. Also can I plug it into a power point, that would be useful since I will have a power points on the plane (does it come with one or would i need to purchase it separate?).

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they have a rechargable internal battery
what kinda power point do you speak of…like electrical outlet? then yes you can plug and play

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@Gossamer – Yes electrical outlet.

Thanks for the quick answer.!

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I have a DSI. You should DEFINATLY GET IT. I am not sure about the powerpoint thing but I do know about the batteries. Theyu are rechargable. The system comes with a charger for the battery. When you charge it, a orange light comes on. When it turns off, the DSI is fully recharged. You can use the system and charge it and it will still charge fully. Any other questions, PM me.

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@pizzaman – Yeah I got one, its pretty good. I got Final Fantasy and Pokemon Platinum. :)

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