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What happened to Catherine Zeta Jones?

Asked by caly420 (546points) January 2nd, 2010

She’s one of my favorite actresses and I haven’t seen her in anything lately…minus T-mobile ads

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Michael Douglas.

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Middle age.

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@Lightlyseared very true, but he hasn’t been in anything either. I guess kids too.

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Imdb says she was only in one film in 2009, but has one in the works for 2010. Link

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I read somewhere that she took a break to raise her kids. Commendable.

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Many actresses become less and less prolific as they age, usually not by choice. Hopefully it was her decision.

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@Likeradar and pdworkin: I recently saw her in an Elizabeth Arden ad, and she didn’t look her age (of course, she might’ve had a little help from makeup and airbrushing). I hope that Zen Again is right and she did withdraw by choice.

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@lonelydragon Goldie Hawn looks pretty good after Photoshopping. Ever seen what she really looks like?

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Isn’t she on Broadway now?

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@Qwertymuffin411 You are correct!
Catherine Zeta-Jones in Broadway’s ‘A Little Night Music’:

I think she’s prettier now that she doesn’t wear so much eye makeup. She used to look like a panda.

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I saw her in it last month. Just ok. But Angela Lansbury was terrific.

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