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When you get into bed, do you suddenly recall the dreams you had the previous night?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) January 3rd, 2010

This happens to me quite often. Is there a name for it? Does it happen just because I’m getting back into the same place I was in when I had the dream? Does it happen to you?

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No, I generally remember dreams when I wake up in the mornings. Great Question ubersiren!!!

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If I recently had a good dream that I can remember well, I actively try to think about it as I lay in bed and prepare to sleep, in hopes that I can continue on with it. Sort of like starting a new chapter in a good book.

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Actually, yes. Sometimes I do…

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You know what? Sometimes I do! I generally forget about that kind of thing during the day, but every so often I’ll be going to bed and bang! I’ll remember a really cool dream from that morning. I’ll think, “Wow, yeah! Forgot all about that! Maybe I can get back into it.” I never do right then, but I have had dreams that I remember during the dream as having had before, if that makes any sense. However, I used to do breathing exercises fro astral projection with some small amount of success. I have a hard time “opening my eyes and seeing” so to speak, and sometimes I cannot make myself go where I want to.

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Sometimes, but it’s not just in bed. I’ll just have flashes of my dreams as I go through the day, little bites, never quite remembering the wonderful complexity of the whole plot.
I love when that happens though! It’s like reliving a crazy and exciting adventure.
But then the memory slips away again just as quickly, and for the life of me I can’t remember anything but the feeling I had about it… it’s strange!

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No, I don’t recall dreams because some have to do with what I eat like spicy foods, chocolate, and fatty foods in general have given me nightmares. If it’s a good dream I’m dreaming about, then I’ll just go back to sleep and be a part of it until I wake back up into reality since dreams are what you make out of them in the first place.

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I usually remember them right when i ake up, but occasionally theywill come to me later in the day.

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I wish this would happen to me. It sounds pretty cool actually.

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Edit: “wake up, but occasionally they will…”

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No, but this would be cool. I wish I could just pick up right where I left off with some dreams.

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Sometimes, yes. And I can’t wait to see the sequel. Especially when it was a romantic dream.

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Yes, I do, and since I haven’t had any nice dreams in a while, the memories aren’t very restful.

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