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Why dont I remember my dreams?

Asked by ConfusedKid (153points) July 16th, 2010

Before you answer, I am aware I dream – my question is, why dont I remember them? I used to always remember my dreams and enjoy thinking about them later on in the day and I asked a question about what one of them couldv’e meant.
But I never remember any of my dreams anymore and after watching Inception I really wanted to know what to do to remember them in the future!

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If you put an alarm, so it can wake you up every 45 minutes, you will remember it. We are able to have on average 5–6 dreams at night, one in every 45 minutes. But, by the time you wake up, time passed and you forgot it.
this info is from psychology class I’m taking now

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@Stasi‘s information is incorrect. Most of your dreaming takes place during REM sleep, which occurs every 90 minutes. If you set an alarm to go off 90 minutes after you have fallen asleep, you will probably remember your dream.

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What i’d give to record the music i experience in my dreams, however some of them are so vicious and hellish and terrifying i’m rather glad i don’t recall them much after a day or two.

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@le_inferno – could be..that’s what my teacher said, maybe she messed up…

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@le_inferno wow, you just gave me some serious Déjà vu

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Perhaps you are not falling into a deep enough sleep? If you suffer from something like sleep apnea maybe your keeping yourself from reaching the REM cycle.

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You must remember a bit of your dreams, or you wouldn’t know yuo had dreams to ask about. You generally remember details of a dream only when you wake up shortly after, or right during the dream. When a nightmare is so frightening that it scares you awake, sometimes thinking to deal with the threat you dreamed of such as an intruder or fire in the house, you remember that dream vividly.

Dream researchers watch for REM sleep, and waken test subjects as soon as the REM phase stops. REM sleep stands for Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Our eyes unconciously follow the activity our brain is inventing in the dream, so REM activity gives away the fact you are dreaming.

But I would rather go through life clueless about what those dreams were than have an alarm clock go off every 90 minutes. Getting awakened all through the night is noot my idea of life is a dream.

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Do you smoke pot? Weed smokers usually can’t remember dreams. No, I’m not making a joke about the bad memory of herb smokers, it actually does interfere with some aspect of REM sleep which affects dream recall.

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If you can constantly recall your dreams then it means you are under more pressure perhaps you are already stressed out. If you don’t, that’s not a bad sign.

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I dont smoke pot. Im not stressed out – im 15 who’s finished school.
I dont remember any of my dreams and the only reason Im bringing this up is because I saw Inception @ETpro not because I remember a bit of them

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And @le_inferno how do I set the alarm for 90minutes after im asleep – if im asleep?!

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@ConfusedKid Interestingly, tonight I was reading -How the Mind Works_ by Steven Pinker and he mentioned that if we don’t make note of a dream within minutes of awakening remembering its plot, the mind is arranged to erase it. He theorizes that this is a deliberate design of natural selection so that our memories of real events don’t end up getting all mixed up with our recollection of reality.

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Wow… your user name is certainly very fitting
You set the alarm clock before you fall asleep, like you would any other time. If it takes you 10 minutes or so to fall asleep, set the alarm for 105 minutes later.

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If you want to remember a few dreams and can enlist the aide of a friend in some very boring work, have your friend watch you sleep after watching a video of what REM sleep looks like. Have them wake you up right after the REM episode ends. Have pencil and paper handy to write down the dream right then..

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