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Looking for good blogs or guides for starting a small business.

Asked by StellarAirman (2902points) January 3rd, 2010

May be starting a small mostly online business soon and wondering if anyone had any favorite resources for small businesses.

I’m not looking for technical help for the web side of things, already have plenty of resources there.

Looking more for tips on getting started, keeping costs low, marketing, legal concerns, just general things that a new business owner would need to know about.

Thanks for any links! :)

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Try doing a search for [your state] small business development center.

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There are many good tips and ideas at Yahoo Business

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Before you invest any time and money in a new business venture, the most important thing is to offer a new and unique product or service that the general public will buy.

Next in importance is marketing that product….A web site, magnetic car signs, business cards. Get your name out there…exposure. My business is ‘pet related’ so I do a few shows each year…Canine Carnival, Barkin’ On The Bay, Howl-A-Ween….

Most news papers have a ‘new business’ feature. Call them and have your business featured locally. I got lucky. After months of delays, the sent a reporter and did a full, color page w/pictures of my business in the Sunday paper.

Hope that helps <:O)

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