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What is with the obsession on an 'upcoming Doomsday'?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 3rd, 2010

NWO, Obama, 2012, etc. I’ll admit: I haven’t lived that long but never before have I seen so many people freaking out about the sun burning up the earth, about asteroids crashing into the earth, about the UN taking over everything, about the Poles melting and flooding the earth…on and on it goes. All these end times fears.

Bottom line: Why are so many people fearing the end now? Is all this fear damaging? What is driving the fear epidemic? Will people ever calm down?

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A fearful population is easier to control.

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It makes life interesting!

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The end of all is ordained by man like every three years.

I don’t know what the obsession is, or its glorification for that matter, but it’s normal, and has been happening for centuries.

I suppose it gives folks things to think about when they question their sense of guidance and security…it also makes awesome zombie movies.

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@Symbeline do you think current economic issues could be helping the terror? Guess it just makes me sick how the mob is so…gullible.

@Judi and easier to sell to?

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@Spinel Easily. But at whatever point and time, there’s always something going on that people attribute the obsession with.

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It is sad, perhaps pathetic, how people are manipulated to worry about supposed doomsdays supposedly predicted long ago by peoples whose knowledge includes very little validated scientific facts. Some people have a need to worry about something external to their lives.
Sadly, real, preventable risks are blindly ignored.

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This has all happened before, all these rumors and fears. And yet look, we’re still here.

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I can tell you…....... but only in 2013!

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Science illiteracy and spiritual voids.

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I think that worrying about a future catastrophe that might happen is a way of escaping fears about real, present-day events like the economy, terrorism, and climate change.

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@Symbeline has got it exactly correct. These doomsday scenarios have been making the rounds for all of recorded history. All anyone can do is take normal precautions against credible emergencies that may occur in your area.
A very good book on the Doomsday, written over thirty years ago, is “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It gives a pretty good idea of realistic survival options, even though it’s a novel.

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I agree with @Judi, but besides that I have no idea what all the fuss is about since we’re all going to die at some point anyway.
Thats life!

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I’m going to wake up on December 22, 2012, and laugh hysterically at everyone who actually believes in this fallacy.
Seriously, “Today is a gift, that’s why its called the present.” Live with no regrets, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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People love to obsess about stupid things that are not going to happen rather than focusing on solving real world problems in the here and now.

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I’m only 17. However I’ve seen at least 4 ‘doomsday’s. From experience, it’s probably bullshit. But really, I think it will probably just be a big bitch-fest every few years for all eternity.

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It’s the result of everyone having floride poisoning.

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@mattbrowne . . . Spiritual Voids was the name of the Christian Rock Garage Band I fronted in high school.

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Many people have tried and failed at predicting when the world is going to end. Many thought it the world would end in the year 2000, which obviously didn’t happen since I’m able to type this response in 2010. People are going to believe whatever some even believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. People are crazy, some are more logical than others but there are always going to be those nut jobs who are going to get all worked up and panic over nothing whatsoever. People will eventually calm down when they see how stupid they were believing in that crap, but others will probably start freaking out saying the world will end in 2020. (this is just a guess). It will only stop when human stupidy ceases and with the day I’ve had today I don’t think that day will ever come to pass.

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@Blondesjon – Interesting name for a band ;-)

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My tear-away calender said:

‘Don’t worry about the end of the world, its already tomorow in Australia!’

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@mattbrowne You ever heard of the New Christie Minstrels? I knew a guy who was in the punk rock group the New Crusty Nostrils. That was my favorite punk rock band name.

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