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Why won't my network printers show up?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 28th, 2008

At our elementary school, we had to delete all of our printers and re-add them. When I go to Print&Fax in System Preferences, none of the network printers will show up. I use Leopard OS

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In the Print&Fax preference pane, click ”+” to add a printer.

They should show up in the Default tab, just choose one and hit “Add”.

If no printers show, you need to know their IP address, and enter that IP in the IP tab. The printer IP can be found in the printer itself if it has a screen of its own with navigation buttons. Look in the network menu.

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None of the printers show up, that is the issue/oddity

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you might need to add the appropriate .PPD or printer drivers now that you are using leopard if you tell me what printers you are using i might be able to help

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