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Which is better: paintball or airsoft?

Asked by allknowingone (59points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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Airsoft is cheaper. You can buy more guns – different varities of them and can carry more ammunition. It also hurts less. It’s much easier on the wallet. I see the only drawback is that it’s closer range combat.

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paintball is less painful! Ouch! But airsoft is cheaper…

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airsoft is less cheaper and less painful. Plus you can play in a house. More places to play.

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As a future parent, it is not wise to play airsoft in the house. In my opinion, after playing both and owning paintball and airsoft guns, I think that paintball is more fun because it offers bigger teams, more playing styles, larger battlefields, and better equipment. Albeit more expensive.

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I enjoy both, I have play paintball for years but just recently got into airsoft through a buddy and I bought all my stuff at through the suggestion of my buddy. I tend to get more into paintball though as it definitly hurts more so I tend to try harder to not get hit. Hav fun, try both

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As an experienced paintball player I find that paintball is the only sport that is intense and fun enough to be worth it. That being said you should really try it before you commit to it. I see lots of people on craigslist that decided that paintball just inst for them after buy expensive rigs. That being said if you’re one of those people for just looking for a cheap thrill without all the commitment then airsoft would be the perfect sport. Its also much easier to play and deal with than paintball.

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