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I really like a guy but can't date him because he lives out of state. Should I still accept dates from other guys even though I know I like someone else?

Asked by ktgyrl03 (11points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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If you can’t date him, your best bet is to get over him quickly. You won’t help yourself or him if you keep on pining over him. There are millions of eligible men out there; date other men.

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It’s not an easy decision to take. All depends on how much you like this far guy, and if you prefer try a remote love story with him, which can ends with hearts broken, or try with other guys near you, knowing that you will think of your “real” love while being with the available man.

I can’t say which way is the best because this situation never occurred to me. But if you really can’t stop thinking of this guy, you may try to make the adventure begin. Maybe your are still students and can move away for your respective jobs and find a common place to live together or something like this.

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He is obviously your soul mate. If you can’t move to get married, I’m sure you can find an online chapel.

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My best friend is going through this same thing. My advice is that you move on—unless there is a time in the near future where you would be living in the same area, or be able to spend a significant amount of time together to see if you really are a good fit. Otherwise, I would date other people, you never know what is out there!

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Love knows no distance. Puppy love is merely fleeting. Which one do you think applies to you?

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Long-distance relationships rarely work even when there was a solid relationship beforehand that was split up by something like going to college.

How well do you know this guy? Have you actually dated before? If not, I’d say, fairly definitively, that you’re not in love with him but with a fantasy about what he might be.

Otherwise, if you have dated and liked him, the only reason to pursue it is if there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll be able to get together in the future. If there’s no chance of that happening, your best bet is to get over him and find someone local.

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