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How do you feel when a stranger calls you sweetie or hun?

Asked by xacrox (243points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

just curious

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I highly dislike it and I let it be known. Hell I dont like anyone calling me that nevermind a stranger.

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Makes me think he is a douche bag. Its not like I’m going to feel special about it because guys like that are talking that way to everything that walks by. Yuck

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I don’t like it at all. When I’m in a place where it’s customary—such as when I was in Atlanta for a conference a few years ago, and every waitress, store clerk, and hotel desk clerk called me ‘sweetie,’ I grit my teeth and put up with it. When I’m in a place where it’s not customary—such as the greater Boston area, where I live, I usually respond in a way that makes it clear that they are being overly personal.

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Love it. I hope one day to be old and fat and southern enough to do it in a non-creepy way.

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It’s condescending and overly familiar.

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grossed out – it actually makes me think they’re cheap, and lying. they don’t know me, how do they know if i’m ‘sweet’? ... a phony, trying to get something. unless it’s a girl, then… as sexist as it sounds, then she’s being nice.

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Down here in Georgia it’s not uncommon so it doesn’t bother me if say someone like a waitress does it. If someone was doing it to be a jerk, it would bother me then.

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Depends on whether it’s from a guy or a girl. If it’s from a guy, I think, “They don’t know me. Why are they being so familiar? What a jerk/creep.” Girls are a little different, because down here in the south, it’s very cultural for females to say that to everybody. Even then, it still comes across as ingenuine and fake.

If you’re a guy, and you don’t know me, it’s definitely NOT a way to win cool points.

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You tell me, luv.

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