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Why do the ceiling on my house sweat when the heat is on?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 7th, 2010

We live in Mexico now, but my mom’s house is sweating when the heat is on, what can we do to prevent this?

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Humidity somewhere.

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There could be water inside the wall being drawn out through the dry forced-air heat.

It could be there is an uninsulated space between the floors and thus, condensation. If it’s single level I would try insulating the attic space better.

If you’ve noticed a musty smell or higher water bills then I would recommend having someone come out and look at the pipes.

It also depends on what the walls are made of. Some natural building materials contain water and will vent unless sealed well.

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@SeventhSense Yes but want to know how to prevent this? Water is leaking while we are in bed!! LOL!!!

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If it’s dripping on you then it’s not sweating- it’s leaking from somewhere. You most likely need a plumber.

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Yes that sounds like it’s pretty serious condensation. It may or may not not be the pipes though.

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Maybe your house is possessed by a very sweaty demon… just throwin’ it out there!

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you need some fans in your house. Do you use your bathroom fan and your range hood? This could create a mold issue if not addressed and corrected. Unless it’s a pipe leak like others have said.

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You need to get above the ceiling so you can see whether it is a leak or condensation. If it is a leak, call a plumber or roofer, depending on where the leak is. If it is condensation, consider putting in insulation.

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In my part of the world, Canada, condensation on windows and the ceiling suggests there is excess humidity inside the house. A proper exhaust fan may world in southern locations. Here, a dehumidifier is used to remove excess moisture from the air inside the house.

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Check the ventilation of the house; it is possible for a house to be too air tight. There should be vents to allow air to get out of the house. There should be roof vents, and under the eaves of the roof. If there is a humidifier on the furnace, turn it off. The house has enough moisture from people taking showers, cooking, etc. The easiest way to get rid of moisture quickly is to open windows just a bit.

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I think I found him.
Call Ghostbusters

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@SeventhSense He aint heavy… He’s my brother!

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