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Do I have any chance with this shy guy?

Asked by talkinfast (1points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I really like this shyy shyy guy, he hasn’t had a gf b4 but has had lots of girls like him. What should I do to draw attention andmake him interested? I’m 16 by the way

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i think you should just be sweet towards him. don’t try and draw too much attention to yourself since he’s really shy.

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Start by smiling and saying hi when you see him in the hall. It’ll get him used to you :)

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Say hello and be friendly.

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I think you shouldnt worry about guys at 16 years old. If I could do it all over I would worry about school and what my goals were before boys. I’m only 22 as it is but if I could do it all over boys would be the last thing on my list. If you know your not going to marry them then why waste the time!

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i agree with annaott22
i see no point in dating if it’s not going to go somewhere. . . plus you just change a lot through your teenage years. then again, i have relatives that have been together since they were 14 and 12.
so just go for it! hah.

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well of course my grand parents have been together since they were 12 and 13 but in todays times women have more to do with their lives than to get married and have children but if you like him go for him and never settle for less than what you want! Good luck!

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well I dont worry about guys alot, I’m the type that goes for school and sports first… And I havent had a bf b4, also I dont think I’m to young, my parent met at 15 and had been together for 0ver 27 years .. I’m not sayin I want to marry him but I think I need sum trial and error b4 I meet the guy I will marry…..... Also I no to smile and say hi…... OH and this weekend we will both be going out of town and staying in the same hotel (different rooms I’m not like that) but I think this would be a good time to get to no each other… And there will be other people with us (friends)

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so how can I do this?

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well if you’ll be around friends just talk to him. . . you said you need some trial and error so don’t expect it to go perfectly.
just. . . do it ha.

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Do you know what he likes? Since you guys will be at the hotel together it should be pretty easy to ask “Want to hang out?”

You guys can walk and talk and learn about each other – no pressure and nothing serious to worry about… :)

If he doesn’t talk very much out of shyness just gently poke him in the arm and say “hey you!” It’ll flow after that if you guys are good for each other ^.^

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and if it doesn’t go well you can just slice his car’s tires [: (well, his parent’s car..)

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LOL thanks guys if you have any more advise Dont forget about me!!! : )

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