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What are some of your favorite songs to karaoke to?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) January 9th, 2010

Ha, recently started enjoying this act of public humiliation, so what are your favorite songs to sing too? I am lookin for some fun songs to sing.

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None. i hate karoke. 95% of the people cannot sing and makes everyone else suffer.

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don’t stoppppp believingggggg, hold onto that feeeeeeelingggg!

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Doing my Tom Waits impersonation, singing Moon River

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@john65pennington I dont think I was asking you then :P

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Livin on a Prayer.

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Tainted love and I got you babe. or don’t stop believing.

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ohh yeah, i def will want to sing tainted love next time

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Haha @Likeradar. Me, too.

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Something to Talk About by Bonnie Rait! Ohhh so good for karaoke.

I also had a plan with a friend to sing The Difficult Kind by Sheryl Crow together – I’d sing the top part. We had daily sing-alongs while doing field work together in Alaska.

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Lots! Chain of Fools, You Ain’t Woman Enough, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Spiderwebs, and many more. I’m one of those gals who enjoys singing karaoke, and I hope I’m good at it… but I know I’m probably not. :)

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It’s like raaaaaiiinnnn on your wedding day!

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My Way
I Will Always Love You

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Takin’ care of business, everyday…

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90’s music:

One Week – Barenaked Ladies
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Somewhere
Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

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The last song I sang for karaoke was “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. I actually wasn’t half bad at it. My voice is high enough for it…lol

Haven’t done karaoke that much; it’s fun, though. I also sometimes offer to be the singer in Rockband. Taylor Swift was a fun one to do. lol

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anything by neil diamond

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Every time I’ve done All Shook Up, I’ve gotten a standing ovation, and one time when I was able to find a female partner who could sing and we did Love Shack, I actually won money. So, those would be my personal favorites.

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i will survive! Off the top of my lungs

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