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Have you ever had a photo of you taken in public by a stranger?

Asked by 6rant6 (13700points) January 9th, 2010

Have you ever noticed a stranger covertly taking a picture of you in a public place? If so, how did you feel about it?

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I did at a race once. He was just doing it because I looked the most tired. :D

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Never,but I will feel happy if someone want to take my picture,though many photographer/camera owner are too picky when they’re choosing an object!, they might idolize us!.

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I was with a friend of mine at Kokura castle, in the grounds. A very nice Japanese couple came up and asked if they could take our picture.

It was weird because they wanted photos of us rather than the castle, but they asked so nicely that we said yes.

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People take pictures of me all the time in NYC! Like I’m some kind of freakin landmark..

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Yes, but afterwards the photographer came up and said he was with the local paper and asked permission to use the photos.
It was pretty creepy while it was happening.

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Years ago, my friends and I got caught off guard with some cute guy with a camera at the Santa Monica Pier. We were all giddy and let him take our picture. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea because who knows what he was going to use them for. Don’t even want to think about that. Creepy.

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Yes, he was a sleazeball taking a pic of my cleavage on the train – I called him a fucking jerk off and changed cars

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Yup. I was at the beach with my sisters digging holes in the sand and a lady came up and asked us if she could take a picture of us doing that. We said yes. I was like 10 years old so it didn’t seem that creepy to me. She had a professional camera and when she was done with the pictures she just said thanks and left.

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Someone took a picture of my grandson sitting on my shoulders watching the parade at Disneyland, but he is so stinkin’ cute that I didn’t blame them. He was probably looking sleepy with his red hair and I know he was adorable.

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Yes, last summer. I was at a concert and this guy was taking photos from the stage. I didn’t realize it until one of my friends told me she saw me in the Village Voice. “People still read that?” I asked.

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Yes a few times.
Usually I am a little bothered by it, more so now with the internet. Before that, the picture would have to be put in a national magazine or on TV for many very people to see it, but now that’s all changed.

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It’s the forehead. They just can’t believe that there’s so much unadvertised space still available.

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I did once but then i made eye contact with the photographer, it was a bit strange at first, but then they came up to me and explained they were just trying to get a picture of my shirt so i kindly let them take a better picture.

I was wearing my 1337 shirt :P

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Is a police station public?

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@ratboy I don’t think they’re at all covert about it are they?

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You might have to change that name to ubergeek. _| |X

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Yes, I have, but I’m not too crazy about it. I prefer that the photographer would request my permission first. That’s why I don’t like taking pictures of people in public for I believe that it is an invasion of privacy without them first.

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@SeventhSense you’re probably right :P the sad thing is, that probably isnt my geekiest shirt

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Yes, I was in a spin class. Wasn’t looking my best.

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Is this it? It’s ok…just let it out…I’m a shoulder to cry on.

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@SeventhSense <snorts, laughing uncontrollably>

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@SeventhSense no, but i would so rock that shirt even though its purple :P

this is it

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I could see you rockin it here

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I’ve had my picture taken by strangers in public, but it wasn’t covertly done.

When my husband proposed to me in public, I saw people snapping pictures. And when waiting for the limo outside our Vegas hotel (with my mother and best friend/maid of honor) people took our picture. It was really weird. I think the wedding day one didn’t bother me, because I felt beautiful and didn’t mind. I don’t know why people want pictures of strangers though.

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@SeventhSense oh how right you are :P
i can actually be seen in this crowd…. that was the new years eve rave i went to

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This was mine at Avatar.

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@SeventhSense lol

hmm come to think of it i guess that picture fits this question too. I didnt know about the pic until i dled the live cd from the show that i attended

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Nope! I’m usually the stranger covertly taking pictures of other strangers in public places.

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