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Info on iDosers, and effects of each one?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) January 9th, 2010

I want to try iDosers because they sound like fun, and lots of people are doing them. What kinds are there? What do you recommend, and what ones do you dislike? Also I keep trying to download some on Limewire but they wont go onto my iTunes because they are WMA format or something. Can anyone help me get them onto my iPod?

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I tried quite a number of them and NONE of them had any effect. Don’t waste your time/money.

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I tried working up through them with very little effects. Until I got to cocaine, at which point it felt like my face was collapsing in upon itself and my eyes watered uncontrollably for about half an hour.

That was fun.

I probably should have read the thing that mentioned the cocaine one is shoddy.

Also, converting songs shouldn’t be too hard for iTunes. But I’ll find you some software.

Update: Switch should do the trick.

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Here are other responses to the same Question, asked last month.

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anyone have a link for the recreational idoser drugs? i’d never heard of this till i saw your question and im really intrigued, but id rather not pay for it

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Ok I went to youtube and starting listening to gates of hades, I am sitting here at the computer and I am about 5 mins, all I can say is its really annoying and I might be deaf, awesome!


I think the sound just messes with your mind as you are suppose to lay down and do it like eyes closed relaxed and I think the sound just screws with your brain.

Not sure the real science behind, I would love to find out though! because it can’t be like a real drug, but than again I would’nt now.

anyone else ideas or answers?

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reminds me of out of tune guitar or instrument the way the waves keep moving…..

PS, I did watch the youtube stuff, where they lay down and do it lol, not sure if I wanna risk my hearing, since its suppose to be headphones, and laying down…looks like they had some serious reactions to it though bit scary to be honest.

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Hey check this youtube video out.

Also I a did little research my self it seems it sends sound waves to your brain and subtracts certain ones while putting certain ones into your brain via your ear, and gives your certain feelings and all.

Based off Binaural Beats it is….I plan to do some more research, hell I might even try the lighter ones myself just to see…..if I do I will come back and tell you the results.

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I’ll watch this thread for your follow up. I downloaded the heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy idoses yesterday, but I have to say I’m a little scared to try it.

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@JONESGH Ok so I am awake, and I don’t have work right now, so I am going to find one and go for it be back in a little….

EDIT : I found the Marijuana iDose and I have never smoked weed so should be interesting.

Where I got it

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Alright I got everything set up, I was even going to video it with my camera but I dont have a way to put in night mode or something, and your suppose to be in the dark, be back in 45 minutes oh boy :) lol

This time I am laid down,relaxed, pitch black room,headphones (not great but decent) so maybe this time it will work!

…in the name of science! lol this could have potential for other things I think if it works.

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Ok, I just did it and wow that was very cool and interseting, I was a bit nervous at first. Heres what happened to me on the marijuana iDoser.

I lay down, everything was dark, I relaxed and played it. The first thing I notice was my eyes were like twitching almost like I was blinking with my eyes closed. Then after a minute maybe I settled and nothing much happened.

Also I had I would say 2 or 3 points were I felt like my eyes opened but they never did the whole time it was weird maybe they did?

Some images I had were odd and random, I had one with a girl in a bunched up with her back split open so you could see her spine but it was not bloody or nasty , and she was on her knees giving me oral, I swear I can not make this up. But I do think of weird shit all the time SO was it me or the effects of the sound I don’t know….combination? possibly…...

I had one point where I felt like a just figure came up and what would have been my left arm, just above my wrist but it was not really scary its hard to explain…

Also towards the end of it the noise which sounds like a TV static but not loud and annoying, and what sounds like a constant wave of a single sound that is always shifting or something of the like.but when it slowed down or came to end…my eyes did the same thing they began to blink or twitch not sure what was happening almost like I entered and exited the same state of mind.

NOW the I had 2 things that freaked me out but also interesting. At another point later on after the left arm incident it seemed like someone or something like walked up past my edge of the bed and I SWEAR I heard “cheet-a” kinda of distant and quick but I swear it was there. Cheetah is my nickname my family back when I was smaller called me that alot, my aunt and few others still do.

The next thing that was maybe the best part for me music! at one point it almost kind from no where a bit of music came about and it was something I had written then it went off into its own thing but what was strange it was all classical, violin type sounding, orchestral and band sounds nothing else really.

At this point I found when I focused without trying hard or thinking just kind of focus in the middle of the noise happening there was music it was so cool.

A way I would describe is that it was like sitting at a radio,staring at it, on a station with static and then after a while you tune-in with your mind and ears and there was music but it kept coming out in classical style and violin prominently.

But just as a side note this past week I have listened to A LOT of classical music this could explain it and maybe it was buried in my sub-conscious? Again I am not even sure.Because at some points I had a piece I made it up come out, some Beethoven, and then just random phrases and melodies. And once it starting happening I want to say maybe in the middle of the 45 minute dose did it happen but it stayed on till the end…but it did not fade out, just kind of ended with the fading of the actual dose music itself.

That was probably the biggest details of it all, and I am trying to write as much as possible before I forget anything. I would say that the parts where nothing much was happening I did a lot of thinking and talking to myself (but I do this anyways lol) and a lot of random images, mostly just odd,somewhat grotesue and dark.

one that bothered me was my mom with a angry/snarling face.I think that could be tied to something since me and my mom are very distant no real relationship.

Anyways thats what I got out of it. And I also heard though that the older you get since you become more deaf and all that you may have a hard time hearing certain sound frequencies, which would make the effect of it hard to work.I am 19 so maybe because my ears are not damaged too much yet I was able to get the effect?

This is just from what I have read and researched though so I could be wrong, and it might easily work on anybody?

EDIT : Just to add some of the physcial things I felt from my body was my left leg from my knee cap to the hip, I guess your quads right? Was always kind of tight.

My hands and head felt the most strange. I had my hands laid on top of my chest/sternum area left hand on top and right hand bottom laid down on top of the bed sheet covers.They did feel kind of numb and “airy” at some points and the more I got in and relaxed the less I even thought about them.

My head kind of tensed up and relaxed specially around the temple , like it was kind of heavy.

Other than that nothing much happened physically.

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Hm that’s really interesting. The thoughts you were having and the music almost does sound like you were high. But then again it could just be a placebo affect, but I’d rather have a placebo high than be sober I suppose.

I think I’m going to try the heroinqh or quickhit as they call it (since it’s only 10 minutes) today. I’ve done the drug before, so I’m kinda exited to see how it compares, which means it could be awesome or a total let down. We’ll see.

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Yea, I agree its really hard to say I might try different ones or try this one again and see what happens.

I do not know if I mentioned it, but I have never tried any drugs and only been drunk maybe twice in my life, so I can not say what a real high or buzz is like.

The thing I would like to do or find out is it more me or the sound effecting me?

Because if I laid there say listening to music for 45 minutes relaxed , same deal would I began come into another state of mind?

This would be very useful ie like sound therapy or the such , I think!

Please post your results or what you got out of it, I am curious to other people’s “effects”

There are some that are really “hardcore” you might say, like Gates of Hades and Hand of God are like the most 2 extreme I guess, people really freak out on those.

Personally I would like to keep my hearing,sanity, and pants dry lol! Maybe I will work my way up to those…..or not heh.

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I find this to be a very interesting, and useful scientific phenomenon. I also think this happens when you listen to music (ex. everheard a classical song that made you think of an old memory) I think that once this gets discovered it could be more popular than texting.I mean like some of these are supposed to cure disorders (example sleep insomnia, anxiety, even drunkenness,and smoking , and create neat effects like lucid dreams. By the way, a German scientist discovered this stuff in 1839.For free downloads go to, and follow instructions to download.

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