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Twitching when high?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) June 30th, 2008

whenever I smoke weed, I twitch uncontrollably in my legs and arms. it doesn’t bother me much, except for it’s just kind of weird and annoying.
so, any explanations?
I googled it, but didn’t find anything very helpful.

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Sounds like your body is trying to tell you something. Do you intend to continue getting high?

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I think it’s probably having a negative effect on you. Twitching isn’t the expected result, don’cha know.

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Why even bother smoking weed you surely have something better you can do with you life other than getting high

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well it’s been happening for a while, and I’ve been smoking about a year and a half. so I dunno.. probably just gonna keep on doing it.

@fabulous: that doesn’t answer my question. I’m asking for helpful input, not nagging from my mother. I do plenty with my life, but in my down time I like to smoke.

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If its helpful input you want, then let me give you some. Stop being rediculously stupid and stop doing it. If the response fabulous gave sounds to you like your mother them perhaps you should listen to it. Stop being a twit and stop.

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If this is some type of symptom of an allergy and you continue to smoke, you could go into shock. Not a wise thing to continue doing for you.

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” it doesn’t bother me much, except for it’s just kind of weird and annoying.” That sounds as though it does bother you. I would guess that if I took a daily pinch of arsenic, I could say the same thing (for a while).

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Hmmm, when I used to complain to my dad about a problem when I do something he would just say “Well what do you think you should stop doing then?”.

No but really, uh.. take vitamins, I have heard that pot takes a toll on your body’s ability to absorb vitamins. I don’t smoke, but if the problem persists and you don’t wanna shake the habit, you can gather yourself and go to an MD.

Also if your fairly new to Fluther, people often will not really answer your question and thread jack, I do it often. So expect that most of the answers to be insulting, and/or comedic.

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@pork: none of these answers are jacked, insulting or comedic except your last sentence. (First part was excellent advice). The querent is 17 and a senior in high school. Maybe she should heed what is being said.

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Why don’t you grow up and do coke like the rest of us?

Seriously, it’s likely a symptom of something larger. Simply ignoring it is not a good idea. Go see a doctor. If you don’t want to admit your continued use, just tell him/her that you quit but you’re worried about the long-term effects.

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I disagree. Doing something better with her life is possibly the best advice she can get. I thinks that’s far more valuable then going to the doctor. What she’s doing is stupid, she needs to hear that from people.

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True. If I bang my head against the wall repeatedly, and wonder why I feel dizzy, then see a doctor and he explains it. I’d would be stupid for me to keep doing that. You should NOT twitch when you smoke.. if you keep smoking you are running the risk of doing some serious damage to yourself. If you insist on altering your consciousness, find another way. This is only common sense honey. It’s not rocket science!

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Simple and very very well put.

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Twitching is one of the symptoms of smoking pot. Here is a complete list:

Motor function

Increased motor activity followed by inertia and in coordination, ataxia, dysarthria, tremulousness, weakness, muscle twitching.

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The first time I tried REALLY GOOD pot, I twitched. But it only happened once. If you twitch, I’d suggest maybe trying a lighter strain. Try a strain with more sativa then indica. Twitching can be a side-effect, so watch your doses. I just want to give you some information, not tell you how to live your life.

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@Tiny; so how would you define suggestion?

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People…. its weed, not heroin…..relax

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Half the people giving you negative responses are probably on some medications that have worse side affects than marijuana. We’ve all seen the tv adds, or read of them in a magazine. Side affects may include: diarrhea, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart attack, nausea, vomiting, etc… I recommend you lower your dosage, and see if it still affects you. If it does then consider seeing an M.D., or quitting. Maybe you can smoke some mids or high mids, instead of the good sh!t. Hope it helps.
I recommend

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Well it’s interesting to see all the different answers, and I suppose I can see where you’re coming from but I’m extremely offended by being told to “do something better with my life”. I’m not some useless druggie.
I do laundry, I take out the trash, I have a job, I have an album coming out this fall, and you’re telling me to DO something with my life? I’m sorry, but just because I smoke every once in a while is no reason for you to judge me and think that I’m some burnt out druggie.

@marina, tiny, keso: thank you for your help. it’s much appreciated.

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@cheebdragon agreed, i have a completely ful-filled life and i smoke on my down time. Nothing is wrong, i maintain a job, relationship, and a life.

@generalspecific Cheers, im glad to hear a “pot-smoker” and not a “pot-head” i use these terms very strongly. I see a difference between someone who does nothing all day and just smoke, and someone who does something and enjoys the recreation of smoking. Like you. =]

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I think you already know the answer to the question or you wouldn’t have asked. If you weren’t worried you would just keep doing it. Now that you know twitching is not your run-of -the-mill-pot-smoking-experience, you may want to a) see a doctor to see if you have any neurological issues and b) stop smoking pot. If you’ve only been doing it for a year and a half, it shouldn’t be that difficult to replace it with something else relaxing – like yoga or ice cream.

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iceblu, thanks a ton for understanding! :]

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@generalspecific np

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I used to twitch also when I smoked. But then I came to my senses and quit. So now no more twitching. Hope this helps

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The twitching could be a side effect just like any other drug legal or not. All drugs can have a negative effect on someone. I smoke pot but it does not ruin my life. I am a straight A student I do sports and I am in perfect health and condition. I smoke on some of my down time in order to chill. Just like some people have a cup of coffee, or read a book. I have plenty of other ways to spend my life too. So to everyone out there that says do something better with your life, you should recognize the people who are doing great with their lives and smoke pot. Not all pot smokers are high school drop outs with no job or career.

As for you generalspecific you might want to discontinue, it could be that it is speeding your heart rate to much causeing you to twitch. Or some other side effect.

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I think its a generational thing ya’ll. To most people under the age of 40, smoking a bowl after work is equivalent to having a glass of wine, or a cocktail.

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Are you on any medication? When I would smoke and was on a medication for ADHD (Concerta) this would happen to me a lot. Mixing the two was a bad experience for me., and I even asked my doctor and he said mixing that or alcohol is almost like being on heroin. Now I’m not on the medication, smoke and love it! :)

Agree with everything iceblu said.

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@generalspecific. Nobody here is judging you you have asked for advice and you are being given it but you don’t seem to want to listen. I am simply saying that there is surely another way to get your kicks rather then getting high.

Don’t ya think.

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OK. Let’s clear the air here shall we. When myself, fabulous, scamp, gail and co are saying is simple. You are 17 years old. It is obviously not only having an odd effect on you, it’s having what could potentially be a dangerous effect on you, so the only logical course of action is to quit, and relax some other way.

The phrase “Do something better with your life” is simply that a phrase. No-one is suggesting you’re doing nothing else, it’s simply a phrase.

Two pieces of caring advice for you…
1. Give it up. It’s not important enough to risk your health for.
2. Remember this. This is the internet, you need quite a thick skin for it at times.

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Another way to look at this; if you had a seventeen year old daughter, which suggestions here would you pass on to her? And what about the issue of lung cancer from inhaling the smoke?

I know that teens do lots of things that parents would have a conniption fit if they knew about, but I can’t imagine a responsible parent encouraging them. My kids had to sneak around and sometimes got caught and sometimes didn’t.

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No time to search for a link, but look up recent studies of marijuana and lung cancer—no correlation.

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Generalspecific CLEARLY stated she won’t stop, so all your “concerned parent” answers aren’t really helping… If anything, its adding fuel to the fire. I appreciate your answers, but I don’t think these were the answers she was looking for.

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@thehaight.. thanks :]
i just read those last few answers and was just like.. ugh, whatever. i give up, i’m not even gonna respond anymore. haha.

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@generalspecific I smoked pot for close to 30 years on and off, and I never had that side effect. What I was saying to you was out of concern for your well being, not judgementalism. You can and will do whatever you want with the information you got here. But remember one thing, you did ask for advice. I think you should thank everyone who posted here, not just the ones who give you some sort of “permission” to do something that could possibly harm you.

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Similarly I know plenty people who smoke pot on a regular basis, and I don’t have a problem with it. But, for your own sake, think about what you’re doing. A side effect like that is not something you need in your life, particularly when you have full control over it.

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well y’know, thanks for the concern and everything but I’ve been looking around quite a bit and apparently it happens to a lot of people who’ve been smoking long-term so really, I’m not too worried about it.

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Never let it be said we didn’t try.

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scamp! That is so funny. Did It say may cause twitching? Did you twitch when you watched it?

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I’ll try to give some practical advice here which is to change the way you get high (if you must):

It could be a particular component of the weed you’re taking: try a different strain of weed and/or another method of toking (vaporizer, eaten)

It could also be psychological, change your set/setting. Try smoking alone, lying in bed, just in the most relaxed way possible.

Having said that twitching is not a normal symptom of smoking weed, I’ve never witnessed that before so it’s probably not a good idea to continue doing it if the twitch persists.

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I twitch. I doesn’t really bother me either. I’m pretty certain that nothing is wrong. It only happens when I really high though. I had a friend take my heart rate and it was still normal. It’s just a slight loss of motor control. Don’t worry about it.

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Another point raised by pinky – it could be the amount of weed so trying another method and/or using a lower amount as well.

You’ll need to experiment over time as weed does take time to completely clear from your system.

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oh dear, the preachers are here!

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haha i get the same effect. Often my whole body will shake. I have to tell myself to just relax and breathe. I sometimes get a lil tense. Try relaxing your legs and just let them hang and do not tense them up….that is why they shake, and then youre high so youre thinking am i shaking? This is what ive done and it helps. Usually ill just start moving around or exercise and it completely goes away.

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its pretty simple…your mind which is more powerful than you can even imagine…can heal you and hurt you. If your thoughts entered into any form of paranoia/or worry…it then caused your body to send out adrenaline rush into your bloodstream…just in case you might need to “fight or flee”. If you just sit there…the body will start moving/twitching to exhausted that adrenaline. If you simply start moving or excercise a bit…it will go away. You can do that or you can ride it out and focus your thoughts on calming itself down…laugh, meditated, center yourself and you will be fine. WEED is trying to teach you to control your thoughts and to remember to ALWAY BE POSITIVE, HAPPY and ENJOY the ride of life.

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Hi, I have sort of had a similar experience to you. The other night me and a few mates took pure mdma, just a tiny little bit because we had never taken it before and we were unsure what to expect, but someone who had taken it before, and who gave us it, was with us, and he reassured us, anyway we took it and waited about four hours, we got a bit hyper, but nothing else happened. So we took a little bit more and went out into town, nothing happened a few hours later and we went to a friends house where i had some weed from a friend but nothing to drink. Another couple of hours later I felt a bit light headed, but nothing amazing, and me and one friend went back to my house and went to bed, but as soon as I got to bed I could hear my heart beating really loudly and quickly and I got quite sweaty, then my thigh muscles started twitching soo badly I was actually shaking the bed really bad. After a while my arms started twitching too and I couldn’t stop it, I just had to keep telling myself nothing was wrong other wise I knew I would just go into huge panic, I was lying awake twitching really badly for about 2 hours, eventually I fell asleep and when I woke up I was fine. So I think it might have been from mixing drugs, but Im not sure, as I’ve never had that reaction to weed before, apart from once, and it was no where near as bad, just like one twitch every ten minutes. Sorry it wasn’t an explanation, just thought I’d let you know I’ve (sorta) been through that too, its quite wierd.

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K listen “generalspecific,” fuck these clowns they are obviously missing the point of your question (the people who are trying to be your mommy and stop you from burning, when really there is nothing wrong with smoking weed they are just stupid misinformed parents). I recently blazed for the first time and I found I had a lot of twitches too, it was making me miserable. So many, endless muscle jolts and stuff that I couldn’t control, but all I did was just waited and gave it time, it wore off.

It happened because for my first time ever I took purple kush hits out of a gravity bong, oohh man it got me fucked badly for my first time. And now when I blaze it never happens except for when I get really really high.

Hope this helped somewhat, what I’m trying to say is don’t be alarmed it’s completely normal and it will go away with a bit of time.

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