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Those of us who are married. Have you any stories of a wedding that perhaps didn't quite go according to plan?

Asked by ucme (50047points) January 10th, 2010

We all hope that the “big day” is a special one in so many ways. Of course life has a habit of taking a great big bite out of our joy. Did your wedding day, or days depending how many times you were married. Run like a well oiled machine or break down like a clapped out old banger? Any funny stories of mishaps however slight.

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Not quite on topic, but one of the funniest breakdowns in a wedding that I’ve ever been party to had to be when the best man (grooms brother) got so drunk he couldn’t remember the brides name and called her by the grooms ex-wife’s name during the reception speech then proceeded to try to apologize by saying how he was “sorry and you’re [the bride] really not that bad.” It seemed like everyone was either horrified or laughing hard enough to cry.

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I saw the groom puke and the dad of the grooms family say “and smack that ass hard tonight. If i cant hear her, you arnt doing it right” in a toast.

I was quite amused.

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My wedding was not only a nightmare… but the honeymoon was worse! It ALL started off bad! We had a delayed flight where we sat in different seats and missed our connecting flight to destination and spent the night in a Roach Motel, if you will. My wife was sick the entire time of our Honeymoon and I have NEVER gone back there since then. We are since divorced and the best of friends… but we never talked about the whole fiasco. All I can say is that someon gave me some good dope as a wedding goft and I carriend it though Miami Airport without getting sniffed out by the dogs.. which it the most memorable moment for me.

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The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake destroyed the church and rectory hall where my wedding and reception had been planned for nearly a year and a half. We had a long engagement in order to have the type of wedding we wanted (1st for both) and to assure family members we were right for each other. On a drive home from SF one day, we listened over the radio as the news brief stated the Richter scale of the quake and we just knew it was all lost. In about a week’s time we had to find a new church, a new caterer, a new reception place, etc. and it was chaos because many of our guests were coming from out of state, not just out of town and we needed to accommodate somehow. It all came off fine except for the catering which was deplorable and being very spoiled and immature, I cried the entire week of my honeymoon any woman would have died for in lieu of crying and whining about no sauce for some stupid chicken wings and torn curtains on the windows of the Masonic Temple hall. Also, my husband and I made our own wedding rings- his was finished in time for the wedding but mine was not and I married in my mother’s old wedding band instead. I did a lot of crying because everyone remarked on the beauty of his gleaming diamond band while my glorious diamond extravaganza missed the ball.

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Well, I’m not married to him anymore, but he forgot to show up to the “big” wedding, so we eloped 6 months later, on St. Valantine’s Day… sweet it wasn’t.

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We got married in a pizza shop because I was severely knocked up and my christian parents were insistent that my son not be born a bastard. Eight months pregnant and all I got for the wedding was a bible and a sheet pizza. When we got home, my brother went out and bought a bunch of champagne that I couldn’t drink. I watched my new husband get drunk with my brother. I slept alone that night while my husband and brother passed out while watching the Matrix.

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@jamielynn2328 Yeah but apart from that… a good day?~

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@Irishmar You are very forgiving. Just speaking to him after missing the wedding would have been big of you in my opinion!

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Weddings that go according to plan are usually pretty boring. What’s a wedding without a drunk uncle, shy flower girl, lost ring, or ruined bridesmaid dress story to hand down to future generations?

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My wife is deaf, and the pastor was supposed to show her the words she was to repeat, but he forgot.
My mom’s video camera stopped working at the beginning of the ceremony, and she wanted me to come down from the front of the church and help her adjust it, which of course I couldn’t.
The reception room was not air conditioned, and must have been over 100 degrees after the wedding.
Those are the three small problems we had. Everything else went well, and the wedding was beautiful.

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I was video taping a wedding where one of the groomsmen barfed. I only had one camera at the shoot, and was trying to get the vows, so I DIDN’T get the puke footage.

The funniest part about it though, was this young teen was so nervous he didn’t even think to break ranks and run to the bathroom. He just held it as long as he could, bent a perfect 90 degrees, ralphed in one heave, and stood back up like “I hope no one notices”.

Another, older groomsman snatched him up like a baby and ran out the back like he was part of the secret service! We felt bad for the kid, so after we made sure he was OK, we laughed long and hard over that.

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I was married on a beach in Florida.As I was saying my vows,a bug flew into my mouth.
I ate it. XD

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