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Is this an indication that women have finally reached parity with men in politics?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33141points) July 22nd, 2014

A female Australian politician noted that she dates only men who are rich and “well hung”. Now she says it was just a joke.

It’s refreshing to see that women can be just as crude and sexist as male politicians.


[I’m saddened that it was an Australian woman, however. I would have preferred to see this statement from an American woman…]

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No, it just means that the type of woman attracted by politics is the same as the type of man.

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This isn’t parity. Can you imagine if a male politician said that a date had to have pots of money and a big pair of tits? They’d be crucified! This woman has just had a few uncomfortable questions to answer, but it’s hardly big news in Australia.

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She should date Angela Merkel <shudders>

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Yes here in America it seems the race might be to prove that our female politicians are at least as dumb as their male counterparts.

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^ Sadly, yes. Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin and that bitch Ann Coulter have set back the women’s movement by centuries.

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~What an important step for womankind~

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The lowest common denominator is not a desirable level of parity.

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Nancy Pelosi’s wildly inaccurate and misleading rant regarding the Hobby Lobby ruling is proof women can successfully attempt to tap the public’s tendency to react emotionally to “information” and fail to make a closer, logical examination just as well as men.

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Just as most of the black politicians must truly be white on the inside (oreo), so must women politicians be truly manly on the inside.
Look at Janet Reno hahahahaha

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Jackie Lambie is a new politician. She’s only recently been elected. She was previously in the army. She was being interviewed on a very ‘popcorn’ radio show. I think it was a breakfast radio show, a sort of drive-time programme. Her comments probably reflect her lack of media savvy and experience and being caught up in the silliness of the programme. I don’t think she was serious for a second. If she was being interviewed by a serious news programme I’d be more critical of her. She seems to be a very frank, outspoken woman and I think her heart is in the right place (although I don’t agree with all her policy positions) and I hope she learns to operate with a bit more finesse so her potential isn’t damaged because of silliness like this.

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