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what IP address do military bases outside the US have? Would the IP be considered a US one?

Asked by vallaeys (5points) January 10th, 2007
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while i don't know for certain, the odds are good that there are several pools of ip addresses in use at a military installation. general purpose, publicly accessed computers using the ordinary internet would probably draw from a local pool, and thus have locally allocated ip addresses.
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any computers involved in military operations (i.e. not just terminals for soldiers to check their email) are attached to one of three military-only global networks. NIPRNet (non-classified internet protocol router network) is linked to the civilian internet (just like the network in a office building can be linked to the internet) and handles unclassified but "sensitive" information. SIPRNet (secret internet protocol router network) is completely physically separated from both NIPRNet and the civilian internet and carries classified information. lastly, the JWICS (joint worldwide intelligence communications system) is similar to SIPRNet but (as far as i can tell form wikipedia) appears to be in use by the state department as well as the military.
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so, to sum up, the answer is that mostly likely, military bases outside the united states have computers which do not draw from the publicly available ip address pool, but instead belong to a massive, global network which functions exactly like the internet, but belongs entirely to and is exclusively used by the us government. i therefore conclude that they can have any address they want, and the address would most certainly be a us address.

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