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Those attracted to men: Would a guy being uncircumcised be a deal-breaker?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) January 10th, 2010

Because I was reading some posts on something else, a different site, and there were all these girls talking about how gross it is and how they would never date a guy who was uncircumcised.

Well, I find that to be outrageously shallow. And are you really going to date a guy and think he’s awesome and then see him naked and say “no way” and dump him? To me, it just doesn’t matter. My boyfriend and I are both uncircumcised and it’s fine for us. These are the times when I think living in Russia would be awesome…no one is circumcised there and you just have to deal with it. :P

Basically, I’m just asking how strong of a preference is it? Do you not care either way? Do you prefer one, but it’s not a deal-breaker? Or is one of them a deal-breaker for you?

Please don’t turn this into a “to circumcise or not to circumcise” debate; that’s not my intent.

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Uncircumsized penises look scary to me

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Taking this one the other way. I like uncircumcised girls better. But if it comes down to it. It doesnt make a difference to me.

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I have never seen an uncircumcised penis. I guess if that was all there was, then I wouldn’t have a choice. I don’t think it would be a deal breaker, but I would be a bit scared of it.

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I had a boyfriend that was uncircumcized. It looked a little different than what I was used to but it worked just the same, which was perfectly fine with me!

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Look, shaved unshaved, it doesn’t look pretty. Why do you think a lot of guys only strip down to their, g-strings. They all look the same, only some longer, fatter or skinnier.

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Of course not!

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I think it looks pretty… :\

I still say that’s because I’m gay. I think it would be different if I were a straight girl.

But I just don’t think they’re ugly. I think they can be. But they can also be beautiful. :)

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A penis is a penis is a penis. However much you try to doll it up it’s always going to look ugly.

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I think that they look like a wet cigar. Okay, okay, no more comments from the peanut gallery (lesbian who’s not a fan of the meat and potatoes).

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It would absolutely not make a difference. I would be happy for him that his parents had the good sense to leave him intact.

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Personally, I prefer the appearance of an uncircumcised penis but certainly would not cancel anyone out because they were circumcised, I agree with you @DominicX, that would be indeed be shallow.

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I must be living under a rock. I have never seen an uncircumcised penis.

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@DominicX People like what they like! It wouldn’t personally bother me mainly because I don’t really stare at penises like that. :)

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Personally, it doesn’t matter to me either way as long as he’s clean.

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You guys are so American. This is why I like sexy uncircumcised European guys… :)

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Give me circumcised or give me death! I don’t want all of that! I’ve had both; the look, feel and taste are just different.

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@jmah, I’m not gay, I just think its an organ. Nothing to write home about. I feel the same about female parts. Some are bigger smaller, darker, what have you, but there is a reason we wear clothing and we don’t go putting make up on the stuff. It just isn’t pretty. Faces are pretty. Just saying that I don’t see how being circumsized would make it attractive. And no, I’m not frigid, just realistic. Its the person behind the organ that makes what it does appealing but its still not pretty.

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they look like earthworms

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I’ve only been with one guy and he was circumcised, and I guess I’ve always thought it was “normal” to be circumcised, but if I really liked the guy then I’m sure it wouldn’t be an obstacle.

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When I was typing my earlier response, i accidentally hit the “h” key every time I typed “penis.” Anyone have an explanation for that?


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I’m not attracted to most men, but on the rare occasion when I loose my head and happen to do… whatever… with a man, I prefer uncircumcised. It just looks nicer, and it’s easier to give a hand job which is all you’re likely to get from me if you’re male. But really, preferences about that are very cultural, which makes me think it’s just a construction.

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It’s definitely very cultural. My Russian cousin (who lives in Russia and is 19) had never seen a circumcised penis before and she just thought it was the weirdest thing. In America it seems to be quite the opposite in a lot of cases. Most of the people responding in the example I referred to were American.

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@Pandora He asked: those who are attracted to men. I’m not. I just popped in to have fun. Circumcised or not, I don’t find them pretty. Cover those bad boys up. ~ (jk)

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No, I don’t find it to be a deal-breaker. It’s not all that different from a circumcised penis.

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@holden Maybe you wanted to type he-pen. LOL

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I personally have never seen one in person, but from pictures I can not say its all that attractive to me. However, I would never turn down a guy because of it.

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I’m a little cofused at @Shield_of_Achilles remark

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@DominicX In the US, doctors use to recommend it because they said it decreases the chances of infections and disease. Now they are saying the opposite. I don’t think it matters either way.
OOPs, sorry didn’t mean to offend. I’m just not all about the organ but the man.

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What a horribly superficial deal-breaker – people that would not start up a relationship because of something like that are simple-minded.

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Is it clean?

Then, nope!

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@Pandora in third world countries, the World Health Organization is now recommending circumcision because it turns out it decreases the risk of HIV transmission there. But in more developed countries where good hygeine is more mainstream, it is not considered to be a significant factor.

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Superficial? Yes.
Deal-breaker? Definitely not.

Do I prefer circumcised or uncircumcised? Welllll… Seeing as in real life I’ve only seen uncircumcised before, I’d have to go with the latter. =)

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I don’t think it is simple minded to have a penis preference. Some people have preferences of race just because that is what they are attracted to. Perhaps close-minded, but not simple-minded.

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In my country it is highly unusual if someone is circumcised. There are cultures where a woman won’t get married unless she is circumcised either. Things are different. I think that if we are born with it, we are supposed to have it.

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The best sex I ever had was with an uncircumsised guy. Dealbreaker? Au contrair:)

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I’ve never been with a man who WASN’T circumcised, but it would NOT make any difference to me. And as far as the penis being ugly…not to me. I love the way a man’s body is made.

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haha…finally someone who feels that way. I just find the male body to be quite attractive and beautiful, and that includes all of it.

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@oratio, So true, if it has a coat its there for a reason. LOL

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Been with both – either works fine for me if it works fine.

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Shouldn’t they be more concerned with function rather than form?

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@DominicX My dear, you’re in a group of people which isn’t small at all. From the tip of the toe to the top of the head, guys are beautiful (or at least would be if they worked out). Period.

Now boobs on the other hand….

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I think someone that would dump or dismiss a potential partner for something like that is going to have other issues with relationships..and probably have way too high of standards.

I will say, I’m most familiar and have seen more circumcised than uncircumcised, but it really makes no difference to me. Sexual chemistry means more than anything (in regards to that part of the relationship).

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The penis is not very attractive as it is. I’ve been with uncircumsized men; there is no difference when it’s hard and that’s all that really matters.

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I’ve been up close and personal with 1 uncircumsized penis. I prefer the look of a circumsized one, but it’s not like they’re so gorgeous either way.
It took some getting used to the uncircumsized one, but it wasn’t all that different. It would be incredibly shallow of someone to end a relationship because of it (cleanliness is required in all cases, of course).

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I have only seen one uncircumcised penis in person and it was interesting and different. I did not think it was unattractive, quite the opposite. It was a gorgeous penis. Other than him, I have only seen men with circumcised penises.

I think that little flap of skin is a silly thing to be hung up on. Being uncircumcised would certainly not be a deal-breaker for me.

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No, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. I’ve dated men both ways and I could care less either way. Now if we’re talking size… ;)

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An uncircumcised penis is like wearing a turtle neck, not a zipped hood.
Understandably, an uncircumcised penis should be cleaned more often and wasn’t so much of a deal between Alex and I. The deal breaker was the bout of scabies that accompanied his ball sack.

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I haven’t been with an uncircumcised man, but were I to one day beget a man-child (which will never happen, this uterus is closed for business) I would not circumcise him. So I’d be a hypocrite if I wasn’t ok with an uncut partner.

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I have no preference, although, I don’t recall being with anyone who was uncircumcised. My gay best friend is actually more attracted to uncircumcised penises.

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I’m not into penises, but any time an uncircumcized one pops up in porn, I get frightened. They’re so alien.
I think either way they’re disgusting, but uncuts are disgusting AND weird. I guess that’s why I’m not gay.

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@Sarcasm Gasp! You uncutophobe!

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Why do so many people think the penis is unattractive? I personally think it’s a beautiful and fascinating part of the male body.

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So do I, as I’ve said. I was actually beginning to think I was some kind of pervert for finding it beautiful and fascinating. :P

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Penii are gorgeous and hot and tempting and delicious, particularly when natural.

Circumcision creeps me out, and warps the shape of the penis somewhat. I don’t care enough to not want someone because of it, though.

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I’m asked this question all the time. And I always feel bad giving my answer, but I will not be with a man unless he is circumcised. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but it is my personal preference.

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Very interesting, I don’t mind either way but much prefer uncircumcised. I feel incredibly odd now! lol

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As most parts of the body the foreskin has more than one purpose. The foreskin is the male variant of lubrication. It is supposed to be there, to support intromission and reducing friction for the same reason as womens vagina sweat fluid. If you have a foreskin you would never need to use a lubricant when masturbating. It also protects the sensitive glans when not erect. The inside of the foreskin is very sensitive and stimuli of it also add to sexual pleasure.

Interestingly, in many countries it’s against the law to dock a puppy’s tail, as it is considered cruel and unethical. The baby won’t remember, I agree. Slapping a baby or cutting it in any other area than the most sensitive one is considered abuse, but cutting off a piece of the penis with a knife with or without anesthetics is considered ok. You can do anything to a newborn baby that it won’t remember. But I guess things done to people are ok as long as everyone else is doing it. In many culture it enjoys broad cultural acceptance. Does that justify it?

Why is it that female circumcision upset people, even the minor one with a small cut in the prepuce? Often it’s rather called Genital Mutilation. Is it because it’s done without a good reason? Is it because women in these cultures are seen as oppressed and defenseless against these customs while male babies are not? Could it be that it’s mostly because we don’t do that in the west?

Arguments are that it desensitize the the sexual parts and affects the sexual act. Yes, it does. They can still feel sexual pleasure. It’s affected, but it still functions.

We can do without foreskin, but that goes with a lot of things. We will function without the outer ear, a couple of fingers or lips as well.

Having a foreskin is not less sanitary. Women need to clean themselves between the skin folds as well. But we are not to cut those away.

Circumcision has been suggested as an effective method of maintaining penile hygiene since the time of the Egyptian dynasties, but there is little evidence to affirm the association between circumcision status and optimal penile hygiene. S:Wikipedia

This custom in the west seem to have Egyptian origin, in any case African.

The custom of filing teeth among the Baka Pygmies ¹ ² in Cameroon-Gabon area, affects the body, but it still functions. The Kayan tribe in Burma uses neck rings » , Chinese foot binding », Skull binding among the Inca and certain tribes of Congo DRC » The Mursi in Ethiopia and lip plates »

One should respect culture but to a point. Male circumcision in the west is no different in nature than these customs.

There are arguments from medical research in Uganda where they have results indicating that circumcision may or may not reduce the risks of HIV, other indicating that there is no reduction in other viruses. Other data from the US seem to show no difference in benefit at all. Others seem to show that circumcision increases the risk of genital warts.

They don’t seem to be sure, and when it comes to HIV they seem to be grasping for anything. If it reduces the risks to some degree or not is not an argument as it doesn’t protect you from getting AIDS. To have a circumcision just in case, to be sure is pointless, as the only protection against getting HIV from sex with an infected is a condom.

@Violet I can’t believe that that’s your priority for love and relationships.

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It wouldn’t be a deal breaker as long as he keeps the area clean.

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I recently got to test one of these babies out. It was fabulous. It turns me on like previous peniiii but maybe even a little more because I know a beautiful foreign boy is likely attached to it. The feeling inside me isnt anything different that I noticed (although Id love to try again just to be sure).

And I saw him clean it in the shower. Seriously…a 30 second thing. You just pull it back…clean it a bit and its not a big deal. Id argue that it gets more clean bc they need to pull it back and soap the whole thing up…whereas Im sure that there are plenty of guys out there that think the water hitting their circumsised penis is getting it clean enough.

I found it funny that he didnt realize Americans were circumsised…and then when I asked him to see his…he didnt realize that almost all Americans are circumsised and most of us will never even get to see/experience an uncircumsised. (and then he got a little shy about it…which was cute)

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No it wouldn’t be a deal breaker

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@oratio and I can’t believe you’re attacking my opinion.

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Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t really see how preferring cut or uncut men is any different than preferring black men, guy with big muscles or be still my heart a mustache. Everyone has preferences, and there is a big difference between being aroused or turned off by particular physical attributes and judging someone based on them.

Ultimately if you don’t want to bone someone with a certain sort of dick that’s your choice. It’d be crazy to say you had to have sex with, date or commit to a dude regardless of your attraction to him, which is really what this is about. Whether or not the status of foreskin has an effect on your attraction.

Of course depending on the nature of your preferences you may end up with not a lot of options.

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@sliceswiththings Me too! The best lover I’ve had was uncircumcised. I love a man who is as nature intended him to be.

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As in Russia, here in the UK it is completely common and expected that a guy will be uncut. It seems unusual to me that it is so widespread in America. Here, guys are normally cut either because they are Jewish or for medical reasons (eg. the foreskin being too tight and unable to retract).

So, seriously, I have never spared many thoughts on this. All but one of the guys I have slept with was uncut and I can’t say I have much opinion either way. It’s a minor thing, an interest point at most. It means you change the way you give head or hand jobs. It’s something different to look at, something different to play with. It’s no harder to keep clean if you’re uncut, of course laziness is the prevailing factor in all matters of genital cleanliness. You can bet that a cut one will still smell pretty funky if it’s been unwashed for 4 days!

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Americans generally expect that guys will be circumcised, and I have friends who get weirded out at the thought of anything otherwise. I thought I would be at first too, but I’ve since dated a few guys who were uncircumcised and now I’d almost say I prefer it! Either way, though, it’s hardly noticeable when you’re in the act!

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