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How do I put a background on my iphone?

Asked by Sunsetseast (85points) January 11th, 2010

I’ve been told the first step is to go into itunes and click on “iphoto”, but I don’t have “iphoto”. Have I missed something? How do I get iphoto?

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Not sure what you want to do. Put new wallpaper on your phone?

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yes! a wallpaper taken from a photo on the internet. I understand that I have to first save the photo from my computer, but then I’m supposed to pull up itunes and click “iphoto”, which I don’t have.

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I’ll send you a private message. It’s easy.

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You need to open a special program called iphoto for a simple task like changing the wallpaper? buy a nokia people! stop that madness!

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You could alternatively find that photo using Safari on your iPhone, then download it and set it as your wallpaper. That is what I do. You could also send it to your email address, access your email on your iPhone, then download it and set it as your wallpaper.

There are numerous ways in which this task can be performed.

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If I am following your question correctly, you can download the photo/save the photo and then sync your iphone (with your photos or specifically select the folder to sync which contains your new photo/picture of choice.

Once sync’d, then go into your “settings” on your phone and click “wallpaper” then select the folder which contains your photo/picture. Voila, new wallpaper! :D

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Are you wanting a background behind the App Icons? You can only add a background to the app pages if you jailbreak your iPhone.

A wallpaper in “Apple-terms” is a picture that you see when you first turn your iPhone on, at the Lock Screen. Are you wanting to change the Earth picture that you see on the lock screen on your iPhone?

If so, then download the picture from the internet/email by holding your finger over it and selecting “Save Image.” Then go into your photos on your iPhone, select the image, and choose “Set as Wallpaper.”

Hope this helps!

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