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What biome is Atlanta Georgia in?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) January 11th, 2010

Ok I have this thing due tomorrow and I need to know what biome i live in. A few paragraphs.

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… No homework or fluther? I suggest google and wikipedia. You should be able to determine it. And/or a local library.

Seriously, isn’t asking homework questions in the FAQ somewhere? If not, it should be.

Also, more people should read the FAQ.

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Welcome to Fluther!

If you google “Atlanta Georgia Biome” (without the quotes), you’ll find plenty of answers. I think the 2nd or 3rd link answered it for me.

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There are seven biomes in the world and Georgia is in the temperate deciduous forest biome which covers the eastern United States.

and remember . . Google is your friend

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